3 vax makers are wary of tripartite agreements


While international drugmakers are still overwhelmed with new coronavirus vaccine orders, tripartite agreements to secure COVID-19 vaccines have been suspended, the spokesperson for the National Anti-Virus Working Group said on Sunday. COVID-19, Restituto Padilla. Vaccine makers Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson still did not agree to new tripartite deals, Padilla said. “Moderna and AstraZeneca have already stated that they do not want to make any deals until they have completed their current delivery. The same is true for Johnson & Johnson,” he said. This follows a call from Majority Leader Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri to the Senate to investigate reports that tripartite agreements for the purchase of vaccines have not been signed. received one million doses of Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday, as well as the second tranche of 260,800 doses of Sinopharm vaccine donated by the Chinese government. A total of 26.5 million doses of Sinovac were delivered to the country, including 24.6 million doses purchased by the national government. The 260,800 doses of Sinopharm vaccines complete the million donations made by the Chinese government. received an emergency use list from the World Health Organization, as well as an emergency use authorization from the Philippines Food and Drug Administration. In Quezon City, the municipal government recorded nearly 500,000 vaccines administered during the strengthened community quarantine from August 6 to 20 in Metro Manila. Mayor Joy Belmonte said the town was able to administer 493,000 vaccines to residents and workers in the town during the two-week shutdown. From August 6 to 20, 415,923 first doses were administered, while there were 77,077 second dose vaccines registered for priority groups A1 to A5 under the QCProtekTodo vaccination program.

Padilla stressed that vaccine manufacturers are not ready to agree to new agreements even though the 2021 Immunization Program Law allows local government units to purchase their vaccines through multi-party agreements. “Many suppliers say they are not ready to enter into a tripartite agreement just yet because they have yet to fulfill their pending orders,” Padilla said on Dobol B TV. Belmonte said the city government has stepped up and maximized all opportunities to vaccinate its residents and workers during the ECQ period. “Every vaccine we inject is a life we ​​save. We have therefore made full use of all of our registration processes – assisted by barangay, QCVaxEasy portal, assisted by the company, assisted by an association of owners and bakuna nights to reach our target individuals and vaccinate them during the period of increased quarantine when we received an increase and a stable supply of vaccines, ”she said. As of August 21, the city government had administered 2,143,698 doses of the vaccine. More than 1.4 million people, or 86.36% of the 1.7 million target population, have already received their first doses. Over 675,000 or 42.06 percent of the same target population were inoculated with the second dose. The mayor said they were determined to achieve the protection of the population by setting the target at 1.7 million or 80% of its adult population, especially during the upsurge in cases. “The national government recognizes that Quezon City has the largest urban population in the entire country and, cumulatively, the highest number of cases. With this, they continue to support our immunization program by providing us with an appropriate number of vaccine doses, ”Belmonte said.

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