A series of road sign thefts is harming the emergency response in the Ky community.


SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) – Somerset and Pulaski County first responders say getting to the emergency room has been more difficult lately due to a lack of road signs.

Somerset leaders are asking for the public’s help to prevent traffic sign thefts.

City and county leaders say it’s a problem that happens from time to time, but it’s been even more of a problem in Somerset over the past three to four weeks.

Somerset Streets and Road manager David Hargis says his teams are constantly busy replacing stolen road signs. First responders say not having a sign on a road could make the difference in getting to a casualty or an emergency quickly.

Hargis says the East Lair street sign has been stolen twice in recent weeks.

“Well, you just hope your loved one doesn’t live on that street where someone stole their sign,” Hargis said. “Because EMS might be looking for East Lair Street and not knowing where East Lair Street is and just passing by, when your loved one needs emergency services.”

Pulaski County highway officials say they suspect children are behind it and say some signs are taken down more frequently than others because it may mean something to them.

Somerset town leaders say each sign and post can cost more than a hundred dollars to replace.


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