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Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, September 3: The Jammu Anti-Corruption Bureau filed a complaint against Gulzar Hussain, then Managing Director of Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency, M/S Green Technologies Solutions Pvt Ltd, its owner Javid Ahmed Kanth, M/s Tata Power Solar System Pvt Ltd for alleged embezzlement of funds intended for the installation of solar home lights.
A preliminary investigation was conducted to look into allegations that a contractor, namely Javid Ahmad Kanth of Anantnag, in collusion with officers/officials from the Department of Science and Technology and JAKEDA, handled most of the contracts during from the year 2009 to 2014. It was alleged that the contractor even managed to pull the maintenance cost up to 10% without doing the same to the ground etc.
The investigation revealed that tenders had been issued for a contract for solar home lighting and solar street lamps. The TIN was further amended by issuing three corrigendums, thereby making changes to the eligibility criteria for the contract. In order to confer an unfair advantage on M/s Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd. and to the company carrying out the work awarded to it at J&K, namely M/s Green Technologies, the pre-qualification requirements were changed after the issuance of the NIT and made so stringent that no other bidder could qualify the technical evaluation.
Therefore, out of three parts, M/s Tata Power Solar System Ltd has been declared eligible and the works for supply, installation and commissioning, warranty and free maintenance (including preventive maintenance) for a period five years of 44,483 solar home lighting systems have been awarded to M/s Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd at the rate of Rs 9,581 per unit.
The investigation also revealed that 44,435 units were supplied by the winning company against 44,483 units for which payment was made for the supply at the rate of 70% of the total cost of the unit amounting to Rs 29,02,06,288 and payment for the installation of 35,750 units at the rate of 20% of the total cost of the unit amounting to Rs 5,85,52,495 i.e. a total payment of Rs 34,81,58,783/ -.
However, in accordance with clause 60 (b) of the NIT, the payment of 20% on the account of the installation of the units was to be released after the completion of the installation and the commissioning of the equipment on a pro rata basis. . In addition, payment was to be released after the establishment of service centers with an adequate supply of spare parts and the presentation of a performance bank guarantee at the rate of 10% of the project cost under the conditions envisaged in the NIT and the agreement signed between CEO JAKEDA and M/s Tata Power Solar System Ltd.
It turned out that the solar household lamps were delivered to the beneficiaries of the concerned BDO office during the year 2014-15. The supply and installation works were observed by the beneficiaries themselves. Only 80% of the SHLs were found to be in working order, and no repair work for the remaining faulty units was found done or performed by the company during the investigation.
In addition, no service center was established by the company as planned in the bidding documents and the electricity shops of some private persons were presented as service centers. These service centers have no affiliation with the contracting company M/s Tata Power Solar System Ltd.
In this regard, the bank guarantee of Rs 4,26,19,162 retained to ensure the maintenance of the installed units which was to be cashed by CEO JAKEDA in case of failure of the seller to provide maintenance services during the warranty period of 05 years has already expired without any action by JAKEDA.
In this way, the officers and managers of JAKEDA under a well united plot with the owners of M/s Green Technologies Solutions Pvt. ltd. and M/s Tata Power Solar systems Ltd. misused their official positions in awarding contract for installation of solar home lights to J&K, release of payment due to installation of solar home lights amounting to Rs 5,85,52,495 /- and non-cashing of the bank guarantee of Rs 4,26,19,162/- although the installation was carried out by the beneficiaries themselves and no maintenance service was provided by the company, conferring thus an unfair advantage to companies with a corresponding loss of Rs 10,11,71,657/- to the Treasury.


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