Advice service solves financial problems for Britons in France


DTB Wealth Management and the VIA Group Network have partnered to create the ultimate advice service for British expats in France. International financial adviser Daniel Butcher explains:

“We belong to a specific profession in France which is called Conseil en Gestion de Patrimoine (CGP).

“This means that we are highly qualified and regulated to provide financial, legal, social and real estate analysis and solutions.

“Our team includes notaries and consultants holding at least a master’s degree (or Bac +5) in international family and notarial law.

“Because we are completely independent, we offer unbiased recommendations on a wide range of investment opportunities and will provide comprehensive, hands-on support every step of the way.

“We are experts at navigating the legal quirks and hurdles of French administration – particularly if you are transferring assets from the UK system.

“We can help you repatriate your British pension schemes to the Eurozone and we specialize in QROPS solutions dedicated to French expatriates.

Every customer needs a tailor-made solution

The firm is run by British expats who have lived most of their lives in France, with a fully bilingual team.

This combination of personal and cultural experience from France and the UK, coupled with high caliber CGP credentials, means they are uniquely placed to provide you with the serious and carefully crafted solutions you need.

Solving customer issues in France, however complex they may be, is what DTB Wealth Management and the VIA Group network excel at.

Financial advice – Life insurance, securities, savings plans & asset management.

retirement planning – Repatriation of pensions to the Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) or International Self-invested Personal Pensions (ISIPPs) and succession planning.

Tax advice – Analysis of tax exemption, personal income tax, allowances and real estate wealth tax.

Legal procedures – Drafting of wills and understanding of matrimonial regimes.

Property and mortgages – Asset development, sale-leaseback, mortgage brokerage or sale of property.

General questions – Residence permits, mutual advice, home insurance.

Daniel concludes: “Whether you want to generate income, finance a passion project or pass on your wealth to the next generation, by working with us you can focus on your life in France, knowing that our experts are focused on you. issues.

“We love challenges, big or small, and we pride ourselves on the excellent results we achieve in a timely manner for our clients. And indeed, we are able to support portfolio clients in their tax return!

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