AFOA 2021 AGM was held at the Emergency Services Show


Members of the AIRPORT FIRE Officers Association (AFOA) gathered at the NEC in Birmingham on Tuesday, September 7 to attend the organization’s 2021 Annual General Meeting, held on the first day of the Emergency Services Show.

AFOA President Simon Petts opened the case by handing a check for £ 2,000 – money raised as a result of the organization’s events – to Kerry James, head of fundraising at The Fire Fighters Charity.

Guest speaker Caroline Anderson QFSM, Vice President of Women in the Fire Service UK, then presented her organization – with which AFOA has recently started working closely – to the delegates. Anderson described the diligent work the organization is undertaking to inspire and support women operating in fire and rescue services across the UK. This work includes regular training and development events.

In fact, AFOA is embarking on a process to better understand the national portrait of women working in airport fire departments to enable and inspire confident and successful women in the firefighting industry by aviation. In the future, AFOA plans to organize best practice workshops in collaboration with Women in the Fire Service UK.

Three new lines of work are being established at AFOA to examine issues associated with the emerging areas of space ports, alternative fuels (including lithium, hydrogen and ethanol) and response leadership. emergency. This last line of work is motivated by the planned changes to the legislation covering the driving of emergency vehicles. All members with a particular interest in any of these three areas are invited to come forward and contribute.

Regulatory framework and legislation

Chris Thain of G3 Systems, who will lead the spaceport working group, provided an overview of the regulatory framework and legislation for the basics of fire safety and emergency response at spaceports. More information on this is available on the AFOA website.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) inspector Andy Fraser highlighted a number of recent changes that AAFA members should be aware of. After Brexit, EASA references should be removed from all documentation, although ADR references may be retained. In addition, the new decree on air navigation entered into force on Monday, September 6. The item numbers have all changed.

In addition, the CAA is now the UK space regulator. Spaceports must first be licensed aerodromes. Finally, the RFFS easements have been extended until January of next year.

Reece Büchner, Technical Sales Manager at FlamePro Global, event sponsor, presented the company’s latest ranges of firefighting PPE and managed service for cleaning, decontamination, maintenance and maintenance of PPE.

Training and compliance

Currently limited to 30 participants at each gathering, the next two AFOA conferences will be held on December 8 of this year, and then on March 8 and 9, 2022. The first is a training event that takes place at the Center international de formation aux Teesside fires and covers regulatory easements and RFFS compliance. There will also be a tour of the facility and a virtual reality training demonstration.

The March 2022 event focuses on firefighter safety and will take place at Gatwick Airport. All details should be confirmed in due course.

AFOA is accepting nominations for speakers and sponsors for these two events.

AFOA: the detail

Formed in 1988. AFOA is a technical body, dedicated to promoting and maintaining the professional image and status of airport fire and rescue services in the UK and Ireland and ensuring continuous communication between them through an ongoing dialogue of knowledge and best practices focused on all relevant technical and operational issues.

Membership is open to airport firefighters of all ranks as well as local authority liaison officers, manufacturers, training providers and equipment suppliers with whom AFOA regularly collaborates on industrial projects.

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