Ambulance costs covered by annual subscription for Ludlow residents


LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The Ludlow Fire Department is encouraging residents to sign up for an ambulance service subscription.

The Ambulance Subscription Program is available for $50 per household per year. According to a press release sent to 22News by Ludlow Fire Chief Ryan Pease, the program will pay for all costs of emergency ambulance services provided by firefighters that are not covered by the subscriber’s insurance. .

Advance life-saving ambulance transport to provide urgent treatment costs $1,350 plus out-of-pocket mileage.

The subscription covers all residents of a household living at the same address, all emergency services in the town of Ludlow, emergency transport to the nearest suitable hospital

  • Baystate Wing Hospital
  • Baystate Hospital
  • Mercy Medical Center

The service does not cover routine transfers that are not of an emergency nature, hospital to nursing home or residence, home to doctor’s appointment or other medical appointments.

Fees may be used as a tax deduction to the extent permitted by law. Donations from this program are used to help purchase supplies and equipment needed for the Ludlow Ambulance Service. In the past, these funds were mostly spent on capital expenditures, including the purchase of ambulances.

“We thank all of you who have supported this program in the past and hope that we will continue to have your support for this beneficial program,” said Chief Pease. “Although the cost of this program has increased slightly, it remains a great opportunity for all Ludlow residents, and we encourage current and new members to participate.”

Ludlow residents have received a subscription form or can register for this service online. For questions or assistance, contact the Ludlow Fire Department at 413-583-8332 ext. 2309.

The fee was increased this year from $40 to $50 due to increased costs for supplies and equipment and has not increased since 2010.


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