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Courtesy Photo Pictured, left to right, Amy Richmond, Mathias Township Clerk, Sheila Peters, Algiers County Deputy Emergency Manager, Roy Aho, Former Mathias Township Supervisor, Brett Niemi WPPI Energy Senior Energy Services Manager, and Mike Furmanski, General Manager of Algiers Delta Electric in front of the new generator.

TRENARY – Algiers Delta Cooperative Electric Association continues to help local townships prepare for possible prolonged power outages. Trenary, located in Mathias Township, installed a back-up generator this summer with help from Algiers Delta Electric and other community organizations. Last year, Alger Delta Electric helped both the townships of Cedarville and Gourley finance the purchase and installation of emergency backup generators for their respective townships.

A five-day power outage that occurred during Thanksgiving in 2019 led to an inoperable pump at the Trenary water tower. The system is gravity fed, so residents dependent on the water tower still had access to water in their homes, but residents in the surrounding rural area could not use their wells. Rural residents filled water jugs at the Trenary community building until the water tower emptied and water was no longer available to anyone.

“Roy Aho, the former supervisor of Mathias Township, started this project because he wanted to make sure residents stay warm and have access to safe drinking water in the event of a future emergency. We thank Roy for his vision in launching this project, and we are delighted to see it come to fruition ”, said Amy Richmond, Township of Mathias Clerk.

The total cost of the Trenary project is $ 28,000 and received funding from Algiers County 911, Mathias Township, Mathias Township Fire Department, Mathias Township Water Service and Algiers Delta Electric, with the help of their wholesale electricity supplier WPPI Energy.

In addition to the water tower pump, the new generator will also power a newly built emergency services radio tower, securing communication between local police, firefighters and EMS. “As Algiers County Sheriff, I am very proud to partner with Alger Delta, Emergency Management, Alger County and Mathias Township on this interesting project. Together, we have made the residents of Mathias Township and the community safer and more secure ”, Sheriff Todd Brock said.

“As a non-profit organization, we try to use funds prudently but wisely. “ said Mike Furmanski, CEO of Algiers Delta Electric. “I can’t think of a better use of our funds than making sure our communities are prepared and can be protected in the event that we experience another power outage of the magnitude seen in 2019.”

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