Bellaire Council Report: $ 70,000 donation to create a reading area at the library, $ 350,000 water and wastewater agreement approved


Bellaire City Council has approved a donation of $ 70,000 for a new reading space next to the town of Bellaire library. (Hunter Marrow / Community Impact Journal)

Bellaire City Council approved a number of spending items at its October 18 meeting, including a donation for additional equipment for a reading area adjacent to the Bellaire Municipal Library and a repair services agreement. water and sewage.

Donation of reading space

The Bellaire municipal council unanimously approved a donation of $ 70,000 which will be used to pay for equipment to create an interactive reading and teaching space adjacent to the town of Bellaire library.

Donated by the Patrons of Bellaire Parks – a non-profit organization founded by the residents of Bellaire to raise funds for the acquisition of parks, for the maintenance and modernization of existing parks, and to improve community spirit and Bellaire’s quality of life – funding will be added to $ 4,000 already approved in January by another resident-run organization, the Friends of the Bellaire Library, which will be used for gaming activities in the area.

“We hope you will join us in recognizing this positive impact it will have on our community, for our children, families, seniors and everyone who lives here,” said Julie McNee, President of Patrons for Bellaire Parks, at the meeting.

The new reading area will be located at 5119, rue Jessamine, just west of the municipal library of Bellaire, which the city purchased in 2012 for the future expansion of the library. The interactive educational zone is slated for a small location behind the library currently used for library activities and events, according to the October 18 diary report.

While the interactive educational space will be supervised and accessible to children only during library opening hours, the reading space will be accessible to the general public.

Funding will cover a variety of equipment, including panoramic shade structures, picnic tables, chess and checkers tables, benches, outdoor Wi-Fi, and walking stands. It will also fund a 4 foot high black tubular fence that will be erected at the front of the property as well as landscaping to enhance the aesthetics of the property.

According to Karl Miller, the city’s director of parks, recreation and facilities, the equipment will be easily removable and can be used in another park in the future if the city later chooses to expand the library.

Council support for the outdoor spaces was widespread, with council members thanking the patrons of Bellaire Parks for the work they did in raising donations and developing a concept plan.

“The idea that we take this opportunity without ruling out the possibility of future expansion on this same site is just a great use of this space, and so I join in expressing my thanks,” said Mayor de Bellaire, Andrew Friedberg.

At a future meeting, the Town of Bellaire staff will return to council with a proposed ordinance for the creation of rules for the vacant property at 5119 rue Jessamine. These rules will be similar to various park rules in place for other parks, Miller said. .

Water and wastewater repair contract

Unanimously approved as part of the council’s consent agenda, Bellaire to re-contract with Houston-based Reliance Construction Services LLP for water and wastewater service repair services on call.

At a cost of no more than $ 350,000 and coming from both the city’s utility improvement program and the public works department’s utility operating budget, the approved agreement with the contractor is designed to provide an additional investment in Bellaire’s water and sanitation infrastructure to maximize its useful life, according to an October 18 Agenda report.

The contractor will be on call to resolve specific issues that can normally be addressed by the city’s public works utility team. The contract also covers deterioration of sanitary sewer manholes, misaligned and sagging sanitary sewer lines and slow leaks from deep and / or large diameter water pipes.

Before the contract was approved, the city issued a request for proposals for the contract – which was announced publicly – and city staff also contacted five former contractors directly for the work. On September 15, only one proposal was received, a proposal from Reliance Construction Services.


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