Breaking News: City and Rock Springs Ridge HOA Separate Land Swap


By Reggie Connell, Editor-in-Chief

It started on a sunny April day at the Apopka Amphitheater and ended in the same spot on a mosquito-plagued November evening. The whirlwind romance between the town of Apopka, the Rock Springs Ridge Homeowners Association, and the Golf Group ended with a counter-offer from RSR HOA attorney Kurt Ardaman. and a response from Apopka City Attorney Michael Rodriguez.

“We are here to try to achieve the goal of [RSR] HOA to acquire the 319 acres [of golf course lands] which now belongs to the Golf Group, ”said Ardaman. “We are aware of the letters of intent (letters of intent) received by the city from $ 4.5 to $ 6.5 million. The main thing is that we did not specify an amount [on their letter of intent]. We said fair consideration. We are prepared to pay well in excess of the appraised value of $ 2.5 million. “

Despite the preference of the HOA and the Golf Group to continue the three-way deal, Ardaman offered a second option.

“As a back-up, the HOA and Golf Group are prepared to directly trade the ownership of Kelly Park Road [also known as the 51-acre gopher tortoise conservation area] for the 319 acre golf course, ”he said. “It’s a possibility, but we think the three-way swap is a more efficient way for the HOA and the Golf Group to do this. “

Speaking on behalf of the city, Rodriguez effectively rejected the HOA / Golf group’s preferred proposal.

“The HOA and Golf Group board has given us two options, and the city’s position is that it will be option two,” Rodriguez said. “Harmon Road property is not openly in the market, and any exchange or purchase of the property would require a city council vote. The city would not be involved in this exchange. [between the HOA and the Golf Group]. This is a private real estate transaction, and the City would not have a say. “

The 90-minute workshop brought together around 100 people, most of them residents of Rock Springs Ridge.

This is breaking news, and a more detailed account will be published by The Apopka Voice in a later edition.


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