Carolina Forest golf course may soon become a major real estate development


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Hundreds of new homes could “live up to” a Carolina Forest golf course.

A plan is underway to transform The Wizard into a major real estate development. There have been three more attempts in the past 15 years by the owners of The Wizard to go out of business and build homes.

The president of the Carolina Forest Civic Association said she fought him back then and the association will fight him again. But the engineers working on the project, who are part of the G3 Engineering firm, don’t want the locals to see it as a fight.

“It used to be Carolina Forest and there were a lot of trees here,” said Joe Saffran, who lives at Waterford Plantation. “That’s why I built in Waterford, it was all the trees, and the trees disappear left and right.”

Saffran built his home at Waterford Plantation almost two decades ago, and since then he has seen his fair share of development around him.

G3 Engineering’s design concept for 683 new townhouses and single-family units at The Wizard is particularly close to Saffran.

“They are going to develop,” Saffran said. “It’s somebody’s money. These are traffic horrors for others.

The concept design provides for 283 townhouses and 400 single-family units.

G3 Engineering Director Felix Pitts said that after initial attempts by other engineering companies to rezone the property have failed, he wants to make sure that as many concerns are addressed as possible before moving on to the property. next stage of the project.

“We’re on a fact-finding mission with you guys to document and address any concerns you may have about our project,” Pitts said at the civic association meeting.

G3 Engineering had set up several tables with maps and pictures of the possible design that people could look at and ask questions of the consultants at each station.

The impact on the already crowded schools, the environmental impact and the loss of sight of the golf course that the owners paid for were some of the topics covered at these resorts.

However, most of the questions were about traffic.

“The fact that you’re looking at an increase in traffic, queues in stores, it’s going to be very hard for people to accept,” said Bill Berg, a resident of Carolina Forest.

Pitts says one of the concerns with the previous rezoning request was that the development would feed into Gateway Road. Therefore, his concept would put the primary access on Postal Way.

“The access and connectivity from this project and where you all think it’s a good thing as opposed to where I might put it is a conversation we’d love to have,” Pitts said. .

For Carole vanSickler, president of the Carolina Forest Civic Association, those conversations weren’t enough.

The civic association asked G3 Engineering to kill the idea before submitting it to the planning committee. If they go ahead, she says she won’t fight him alone.

“In two weeks, we brought 150 people to a ‘no-meeting’,” vanSickler said. “Imagine what we would do at the Horry County Planning Commission and Horry County Council if this went ahead. “

G3 Engineering has yet to formally submit a zoning change request.

The planning director says it could take six months to a year to go through the planning commission and county council.

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