Chatham Emergency Services Paramedic/Field Trainer CHRISTOPHER JIMENEZ Honored by American Ambulance Association | people in the news


May 11, 2022 – Field Training Officer Christopher Jiménez of Chatham Emergency Services was recently honored at the American Ambulance Association (AAA) Stars of Life event. This year’s event, held in Washington DC, honored people from all over the United States and the Caribbean. The Stars of Life program showcases the contributions of ambulance professionals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in service to their communities or the EMS profession. Stars of Life recognizes the dedication of these heroes while highlighting the critical role EMS plays in our healthcare infrastructure.

Christopher Jimenez was born in Savannah, Georgia. He was accepted to Georgia Southern University where he completed a four-year program and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with High Honors in 2016. In order to pursue his interest in the medical professions, he sought ways to obtain contacts with patients and experience in the field.

Christopher continued his education by later enrolling in the emergency services program at Savannah Technical College. He completed his EMT-B in 2017. Christopher fell in love with the EMS field and the opportunity to help members of his local community. Christopher earned Savannah Tech Paramedic certification in 2019 and has since become Chief Medical Officer.

“As Savannah Tech gave me the opportunity to further my medical knowledge, I felt called to help others come into the field,” Jimenez said.

Christopher is now a part-time Assistant Instructor for Savannah Tech and was recently promoted to a Field Training Officer (FTO) at Chatham EMS/Mercy Ambulance.

CEO Chuck Kearns said, “Chatham EMS/Mercy Ambulance Service is proud to honor an exemplary team member, Paramedic/FTO, Christopher Jimenez as an American Ambulance Association, Star of Life, for his hard work and his exemplary service to his community.


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