City of Oakland | July 2022 Measure DD Project Updates


Date posted: September 18, 2022 at 11:04 am
Last update: September 18, 2022 at 11:29 a.m.

  • Lake Merritt Canal at 7th Street Crosswalk
    • The Ministry of Transport asked to repair the damage.
    • A portion of the final payment to the contractor is withheld due to a labor law dispute.
    • The contract has one year to resolve the dispute or waive the withheld payment.
    • Otherwise, the project has been completed and accepted as final by the City.
  • Lake Merritt Canal at 10th Street
    • Environmental Services Associates (ESA) to Provide Proposal to Update Revegetation Tender Documents for Peralta Park and 10th Street Planting Area
    • The replanting will probably not take place before the end of 2024
    • Construction management staff negotiate with contractor to issue notice of completion
  • Bay Trail Update Memo and Bay Trail Updates
    Memorandum to City Council from March 2022, with an annual update on the progress of the Bay Trail.
    Includes updates on various blockers, progress on bridge crossings, and finally access to Miller Milling.
  • Estuary Park Landscaping
    • Plant selection criteria include drought tolerance, durability and
    • ease of maintenance
    • Water-saving/efficient irrigation strategies are planned
    • The lawn will be used for specific recreational areas
    • Landscape maintenance will be provided by the Parks and Tree Services Division of Public Works. Close coordination of design and maintenance teams
  • Initial planning for the restoration of Glen Echo Creek.
  • Issues surrounding the fire on bridge 12: cleaning, re-camping and restoration of works of art
  • Oakland Beautification Council

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