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Many people assume that the support services for the products they purchase are an unnecessary addition to the overall cost of an item. For the individual consumer, this is often a fair assessment. But when it comes to complex business systems and workflows, support services are essential to ensuring continued success after an initial investment. It is more that simple reactive technical support; it’s about business assurance – the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the organization’s technology investments always work best to make people’s jobs easier and more productive.

This is especially true for document scanners that link workflows and paper records to your digital systems. With the growing emphasis on secure, accurate information management and the competitive demand for speed, scanner support departments are like a crucial member of the team, helping an organization get the most out of its investment.

Naji Kazak, General Manager – Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Russia of the Alaris Division of Kodak Alaris said, “Document Scanner Support Services is more than a number to call for technical assistance. These services help businesses of all types and sizes achieve their business goals and improve their return on investment.

These results are made possible by increasing:
Productivity: With proactive maintenance, troubleshooting, and solution information, the business will avoid costly downtime.
Reliability: Confidence in a service provider’s knowledge, expertise, and regular updates to an organization’s software and firmware frees up staff time so employees can focus on their business priorities.
Efficiency: Service professionals and field engineers fully support document workflows and can facilitate custom integrations, keeping an organization ahead of the curve.
Scalability: From budget protection to scalable service plans, scanner services help ensure that a business’s digitization efforts support business at all levels as it grows.
Simplicity: Comprehensive services can turn the chaos of information management into a streamlined operation with a single service provider for all hardware, software and services.

Types of scanning services
What exactly do these services include? Knowing what to look for can help cover all the bases. For example, Kodak Alaris scanner support services include:
Repair and maintenance services: Businesses can maximize their technology investments by protecting and optimizing them for years to come. Kodak Alaris supports over 100,000 of its own brands of scanners and others and uses only 100% genuine replacement parts. Customers can choose from a variety of document scanning plans and / or micrographic plans.
Software services: With Kodak Alaris Software Assurance, the software will always be up to date. This ensures compatibility with operating system updates, improves performance with new features and functionality, and keeps systems secure.
Professional services: Kodak Alaris Professional Services encompass technical support, technology services, optimization and consulting, and solution development. Together, these services help to maximize business efficiency.
Managed capture services: With Managed Capture Services, organizations will have a more sustainable data capture solution with a wide range of benefits, ranging from increased visibility and control to subject matter expertise that drives continuous improvement.

“With a 95% customer satisfaction rate, a 92% first call completion rate, 22,000 customer locations served, and a 99% remote software resolution rate, Kodak Scanner Support Services Alaris are clearly making a significant difference for businesses of all sizes, ”concludes Kazak.

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