Emergency services reminders before daylight saving time


Emergency services took the opportunity to give Kiwis some practical advice ahead of the start of summer time this weekend.

At 2 a.m. on Sunday, September 25, the clocks will move forward one hour as the summer months approach.

Fire and Emergency NZ encourages everyone to check their smoke detectors this weekend as well as their watches.

The service used a recent story from Northland where smoke detectors helped save a home to illustrate their advice.

“Two weeks ago, Hinerakei Allen went into town with her husband to run errands. In her rush to get out, she forgot she had left her pot of chicken and vegetable broth simmering on the stove.

“On the way home, two hours later, Hinerakei received a phone call from his daughter saying their house was on fire.

“Fortunately for Hinerakei and his whānau, five years ago smoke detectors had been installed in every room of their house except the bathroom.”

Neighbors heard the alarms and called 111, with fire crews quickly on the scene to save the house.

Police also reminded people to lock their vehicles when heading to the beach, “with summer fast approaching and daylight saving time almost upon us”.

“The police cannot be everywhere at once and it is important that people put in place preventive measures to deter opportunistic thieves.”


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