Emergency veterinary hospitals cut services due to staff shortage


NORTH BROOKFIELD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) – Some emergency animal hospitals have been forced to cut services due to the lingering effects of the pandemic.

Staff shortages at many of these clinics and the increase in the number of pet owners have forced some pet hospitals to postpone elective operations such as spaying and neutering. Second Chance Animals in North Brookfield CEO and founder Sheryl Blancato said the postponement of these operations was a move necessary to help emergency services.

“As important as sterilization is, they won’t die if we put it off, but we can save lives by opening up to more of them. [emergency] surgeries, ”Blancato said Kim Tunnicliffe from WBZ (@KimWBZ).

By postponing these elective surgeries, Second Chance Animal’s North Brookfield Veterinary Clinic was able to support additional emergency surgeries at nearby animal hospitals and clinics that are overwhelmed. They sent notices to local animal health facilities telling them to refer patients to their facility if necessary.

Blancato said pet owners are very grateful for their help in taking care of additional emergency surgeries.

“We’ve had people who we’ve been able to save their animals with bring back a plate of cookies or flowers for the staff, which means a lot to them,” Blancato said.

Kim Tunnicliffe from WBZ (@KimWBZ) see you.

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