Equipment Technologies Inc. acquired by Redfern Companies


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Equipment Technologies, Inc. (ETI), based in Hudson, NH, announces that it will be acquired by The Redfern Companies. ETI specializes in the sale and installation of new equipment and provides maintenance services to the PCB industry worldwide. ETI’s product and service offerings will be supported by Inselectro, the largest distributor of materials and services for PCB manufacturers in North America.

“ETI is delighted to take this next step with Inselectro,” commented Jon Pelletier, President of ETI. “By bringing in UCE’s new equipment lines and our highly trained technicians and combining them with the extensive resource portfolio of the Redfern companies; we expect an unprecedented opportunity for growth and expansion. I think this is a great opportunity for ETI and our customers. I look forward to personally continuing with the new company and contributing to the growth and providing cutting-edge solutions to our industry. »

Speaking on behalf of Redfern Companies, Patrick Redfern said: “Effective August 1, 2022, we will acquire ETI Company to augment our current equipment sales and service offering. This is a big step forward in helping our customers automate their manufacturing process. Included with ETI, Insulectro will be able to offer “connected factory” solutions by bringing our world-class materials and state-of-the-art equipment together with our customized process control systems (provided by our chemical company Focus Tech ) for each manufacturing process. ease.

“I am delighted to welcome the ETI team to our family. Jon, who will remain President, has over 30 years of equipment experience and strong global industry relationships,” continued Redfern. “ETI will relocate to our Londonderry, NH facility to better leverage our resources and provide a base for the introduction of new equipment from Universal Circuit Board Equipment Co., Ltd. (UCE), which is a manufacturer of high-end equipment selling a variety of PCB manufacturing equipment, especially in the field of wet process.

“We plan to combine our revolutionary InduBond® induction press offering with UCE’s new offerings to expand dramatically in the new equipment sales market. Combining ETI’s relationships and experience with our national presence and reputation in the industry, we look forward to engaging our customers in new ways.

Redfern concluded: “Another step in enabling our customers to build better boards, faster.”

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