Explanation: Why has Canada recently refused visas to several students?


Over the past two weeks, a large number of student visa applications have been refused by the Canadian High Commission, and even students with high IELTS scores and those already registered for online studies in Canadian colleges face a refusal. From now on, these students will have to reapply for a student visa.

Indian express explains why these visas are refused and what these students must do next.

How many student visas have been recently refused by the Canadian High Commission?

The number is in the thousands, informed consultants who deal with student visas especially for Canada. Almost all of the student consultants faced refusals, some fewer and some more. Even students who take online courses after obtaining visa approval in principle (AIP), which means fulfilling the admission requirements, including authorization from the IELTS and submitting a fee. year last year are turned down, consultants said. Due to Covid, visa approval has been split into two parts – AIP and biometrics.

Most consultants said that refusals have always existed, but that such a large number in a short period has never been seen in the past. Some students have even tweeted that visa denial has been around 60% in recent weeks.

What could be the probable reasons for these refusals?

“Due to the pandemic and the suspension of direct flights to Canada, there is a huge backlog of students as almost 3-3.5 lakh of Indian students are waiting and it is difficult for Canada to ‘welcome such a large number of students in just a few months even after the resumption of flights. Thus, visas to those students whose cases were not sound from the point of view of their courses or on the basis of their financial conditions were denied, ”said Narpat Singh Babbar of Jupiter Academy, who is a Canadian consultant in education.

He added: “If you have to do a year of work in a few months, then it is difficult for them and they refuse the visas at first so that they also have time to prepare and then to do. facing this huge delay ahead. 6-7 months. In addition, students whose visas have been rejected will have time to improve their applications. “

“There are other major reasons for refusal which include the selection of courses by the students. For example, if a student has a poor academic record, which can be judged by their percentage in 10th or 12th or at the end of their studies, and their IELTS score, and they opt for a course difficult then his refusal is almost certain. Second, if the student is smart opts for an easy course, which he has studied here before, then the visa officer can also refuse it on the grounds that the applicant intends to do the same course again, ”said Babbar.

What options are available with students whose applications have been rejected?

The consultants said that when students receive a rejection letter, they receive a blanket rejection letter and do not state the real reason. To know the clear reason, students need to get their grades from the Global Case Management System (GCMS) or Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (STIAI). These notes are available to them within 35 to 40 days at the High Commissioner’s office and after going through them, he can apply them by dispelling any doubts on the basis of which they have been faced with a refusal.

Several students who achieve good IELTS grades but their academics are poor and they face rejection due to poor academic records.

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Should students with poor academic records apply to study abroad?

Gurprit Singh of i-Can Academy in Kapurthala, who is also an education consultant in Canada, said there are now a number of courses available for students in every major, including arts, sciences and commerce, and that they can apply to these newly introduced courses.

“Like artificial intelligence, data scientists, robotics, anthropology, etc., there are several new courses that have huge reach in the times to come and instead of opting for currently popular courses, these students can take these new courses and these courses should be related to the subject in which their academic grades are good, ”Narpat said.

How do the consultants plan to help students who are currently stranded?

Students will first have to relocate their files for free, many consultants have said. Secondly, the Statement of Intent (SOP) should be written very clearly where the students should explain why they are going to study in Canada, what are the post-study plans, the academic profile and the reason for choosing the course, college / university , etc. Here, a consultant can help students clearly define their vision so that no ifs or buts come to the mind of the visa officer during the visa process.

The academic profile of a student and the good financial situation of his family also play an important role because due to the severe economic setbacks around the world, every country wants students with good academics and a good financial situation because it is a business for them, experts said. .


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