FCT issues resignation notice to illegal hoteliers


From Fred Itua, Abuja

Following a call for intervention from the association of owners of a Mab Global estate based in Abuja, in the face of the growing increase of illegal hotels in the area, the development control of the administration of the Federal Capital Territory (FCTA ) gave the hotels seven days to vacate.

According to pollsters, the director in charge of development control of the FCT administration, Garba Kwamkur, has been informed of the violation of the original plan by some homeowners who have converted their homes into hotels.

The Daily Sun findings revealed that three of the hotels are fully operational, while two are still in various stages of completion.

Worried about the development, the owners from the estate of 634 houses in Gwarimpa, Karsana district, said they lived in fear of being diverted from residential houses on the estate to brothels and hotels.

The hotel operators, it has been learned, have not obtained any approval from Abuja’s regulatory authorities, the development control, to convert the houses in the closed estate to commercial use.

“With three hotels in operation, all kinds of guests with dubious characters, criminals, drug traffickers now see the area as a haven of peace. Much to the dismay of the estate owners, hotel guests walk in and out at odd hours and put the entire community in danger.

“Three weeks ago, there was a breach of public order in the area when two groups clashed at the hotel located at lot 400 and the fight spread to the door in the night.

“To add to the misery of the restless community, one person got a container and placed it in front of the building plaza to degrade the estate,” a resident told The Daily Sun.

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Worried by the turn of events, the Homeowners Association held its annual general meeting to deliberate on the threat posed by illegal hotels and containers in the area.

The domain through its leaders wrote Development Control on November 21, 2021, and the regulator acknowledged receipt of the letter on December 1, 2021. The letter was not followed up until a publication. by a national newspaper which was also relayed by online platforms.

The letter titled: The Initial Goal Change, signed by Ahmed Ihedioha and Charles Kuffre, President and Secretary, states: and 289 Rosemund Street which were originally intended for residential purposes have been modified and operated as hotels in the area; The plots 252 and 253 of rue Professor Emeribe are implied as hotels in the making; Indiscriminate positioning of a container in the square which presents a potential danger of causing traffic and degrading the area. “

“These offenses are detrimental, and have distorted the original plan of the estate and have been a nuisance for the inhabitants.

“We ask you to move in and restore order in the area by restoring these buildings to their original function, which is residential; Prevent the development of plots into hotels; Prevent the owner of the container from functioning and force the container to be removed.

The owners of the hotel have reportedly said they have the support of some allies in controlling the development despite the agency reportedly refusing to grant permission to convert the houses into hotels since the estate is a gated community.

The decision of the director of development control to visit them and issue a departure notice shows that the director is not involved in any deals with the illegal hotels.

However, the owners are optimistic that development control will live up to its expectations to do the right thing and wrest control of the Abuja estates from desperate and opportunistic businessmen, regardless of the position of the law.


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