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Fort Morgan City Council met for a regular meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, December 7, at Town Hall. The main basis of their program centered on adjusting the city’s water and sewer tariffs, as well as adjustments following the recent electoral vote on Ordinance No.1260.

The meeting began with the swearing-in of two new Fort Morgan police officers, Sara Cummings and Tyler Price. After being sworn in by Mayor Ron Shaver, officers began to shake hands with everyone on City Council.

Company of the month

Fort Morgan Economic Development Specialist Sandy Schneider-Engle announced that Double R Embroidery was recognized as the Business of the Month for December. Schneider-Engle praised the company for its customer service, active involvement in the community and strong element of collaboration with various partners.

“Thank you for supporting us,” Malori Burdette, owner of Double R embroidery, told city council. “You do a lot of your business locally, which is great. Thank you for this award.

Burdette invited her team and introduced each team member to City Council before thanking once again for being recognized.

Elf on a store shelf

Then it was time for the draw for the first weekly winner of the local Elf on a Store Shelf promotion. The Town of Fort Morgan hosts its annual Elf on a Store Shelf Tradition and has partnered with 16 Fort Morgan businesses to help people get into the holiday spirit.

The campaign features four Elves of Fort Morgan who will frequent a participating store each week. Buyers are encouraged to visit local stores, find the elf, take a photo, and then submit the photo, along with their name, phone number, and email address to [email protected] to participate to a weekly draw.

No purchase is necessary to enter and participants have a chance to win a $ 150 gift card. Fort Morgan Mayor Ron Shaver drew the name of the first winner from a basket. The winner does not need to be present at the draw to win either.

Water and sewer tariffs

Fort Morgan City Council recently approved new water rates effective January 1, 2022.

Finally, it was time for the council to embark on a presentation and discussion on water and sewer pricing studies with Director of Utilities and Public Works Brent Nation.

Nation was joined by Andrew Rheem, of Raftelis Financial Consultants, who helped prepare the presentation.

“What you’re going to see tonight is a very small glimpse of the work that goes into it,” Nation explained. “The analysis of the data that goes into this file is quite astonishing. We try to do it every two or three years. On the water side, we are trying to cope with outstanding expenses. On the wastewater side, we have fairly significant expenses that will be devoted to bringing our plant into compliance. Andrew will explain to us how this affects our rates. “

Rheem led the previous study the city did a few years ago and explained that what he was going to present would be an updated version of that study. Rheem then explained to the council his presentation regarding water and wastewater tariffs and where they predict they will be in the future.

Council members have expressed aversion to having to raise tariffs in the city, especially as people are facing other increases, like gas, but overall they know that it is a necessity to maintain the quality and all the rest to move forward in the right direction.

Nation explained that this would be an increase of around 6% in drinking water and wastewater tariffs, with the increase taking effect on January 1, 2022.

“I try to review everything I can,” Nation said. “We have estimated the revenue increases in the budget, so there won’t be anything new in the budget. “

Council then approved the resolution to adjust water rates and the resolution to adjust sewer rates. Both resolutions were approved unanimously.

Rainy waters

Fort Morgan City Council recently approved new tariffs for wastewater effective January 1, 2022.

Council then proceeded to a second reading and a public hearing regarding Ordinance # 1259, establishing the city’s ability to bind property for overdue bills for the stormwater service.

“Nothing has changed since we discussed it a few weeks ago,” Nation said. “This is just an element of maintenance to do what we can do with the sewage with the storm water. “

Council member Kevin Lindell asked if they really needed this ordinance because if people didn’t pay for their storm water it would still be tied to their utility bill.

City manager Steve Glammeyer explained that it is possible that some accounts are just stormwater and there are already a couple like this.

There was no public comment during the hearing and council unanimously approved the order.

Update of the municipal code

There was then a second reading and a public hearing for Ordinance No.1260, amending Chapter 4, Article 6 of the Fort Morgan Municipal Code regarding public procurement and contracts in order to update the code in accordance with the recent modification of the charter updating procurement and procurement procedures.

There was no public comment during the hearing and Council had no further questions on this matter. The ordinance was approved unanimously.

“Thank you very much,” Glammeyer said. “We really appreciate this and appreciate the voters for seeing the importance of this… Thank you for trusting us with these changes.”

Reports and Updates

In staff updates and council reports, Mayor Shaver praised the Fort Morgan High School football team, which just won the 3A State Championships this season.

“Congratulations to the Fort Morgan Mustangs,” said Mayor Shaver. “They have had a hell of a year. We haven’t had this since 1999. Congratulations to them and these young men.

Council member Lyn Deal noted that the lobby on the ground floor of Town Hall is beautiful with its new tile which has been recently replaced and improved.

The next city council meeting will take place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, December 21 at City Hall.

All city offices will be closed on Friday December 24 and Friday December 31 for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

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