From Wallet to App: A Review of the TTM Banking Ecosystem of Crypto Products


To fully integrate cryptocurrencies into the modern financial system, the cryptocurrency community needs practical instruments for executing transactions with digital assets. All over the world, companies are developing such instruments. However, not all projects can boast of technical solutions with proven effectiveness.

The team of the Estonian financial company TO THE MOON (TTM) Bank has developed several products thanks to which cryptocurrencies have reached a new level in the convenience of their use with traditional money. In this article, we explore the characteristics of this project and how its technical solutions have consolidated the position of digital assets in the market.

Feedback on TTM Bank products and their approach to work

To make cryptocurrencies a practical financial instrument for real, it is necessary to have a holistic approach that involves the development of technical solutions to meet the needs of all customers. At least a digital asset holder should have products on hand to store coins and process them.

Many companies are developing instruments that only partially meet the requirements of cryptocurrency holders. As a result, crypto holders are forced to seek additional products from other projects.

Unfortunately, due to differences in development approaches, products from different companies may be incompatible with each other. To solve this problem, TTM Bank has created a mix of solutions that complement each other and allow users to solve as many tasks as possible within a single ecosystem.

Such an approach saves time (due to the high performance level of the system) and money (by eliminating the need to execute additional transactions between different platforms). Let’s explore 3 TTM Bank products thanks to which cryptocurrency has become as convenient instrument as traditional currency without losing its main advantages.

TTM Bank crypto card

The aim of this product is to provide customers with an easy-to-use instrument that will allow them to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life. To achieve this, the company issued a TTM Bank prepaid crypto card in two versions – virtual and plastic.

TTM bank cards work all over the world. A cardholder can pay with it at any location where VISA cards are accepted. Along with this, a user can withdraw money from ATMs.

At the heart of its technology is an almost instantaneous conversion from crypto to euro upon deposit. The card supports five digital assets: BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, and TRX. According to the project developers, in the near future the list of accepted cryptocurrencies will be expanded.

The TTM Bank digital card. Source: official company web page

The product has broken down the barriers between the world of traditional currency and cryptocurrencies – now digital asset holders no longer need to search for instruments for a rapid conversion of their coins. Just transfer cryptocurrencies to the card account. The system will automatically convert digital coins into euros.

The TTM Bank card helps digital asset holders save money by eliminating the need to use cryptocurrency exchanges and pay commissions on their services. Other benefits of TTM bank include:

  • High level of security. User accounts are protected by the European data protection standard, GDPR.
  • Geographical scope. TTM bank cards are available to residents of almost all countries.
  • High speed of transaction execution. Transferring funds in a barrier-free environment takes seconds.

Another key advantage of the TTM Bank card is the availability of its support services around the clock. Company experts are ready to consult with customers on any product-related matter.

Interesting fact! For members of the crypto community in many countries, TTM bank cards have become the only solution available on the market.

It is not necessary to open a current account to use a TTM Bank card. This approach allowed a company to escape the control of regulators and freed users from the obligation to report transactions. As a result, product developers have preserved the benefits of cryptocurrencies without breaking the rules of the traditional financial system.

Card issuance is updated by the fintech company TTM Bank. The distribution and management of the accounts are handled by its partner, a financial organization UAB Walletto, a member of the VISA network. At the moment, the TTM Bank team is looking for new partners to continue its expansion.

TTM KEYWALLET hardware bitcoin wallet

Another key component that crypto investors need to operate efficiently with a new asset is secure storage instruments. For these purposes, market participants need hardware wallets that store cryptocurrencies offline. The lack of a constant internet connection rules out the possibility of remote theft.

The TTM KEYWALLET is designed like a card. The majority of hardware wallets are more like USB drives which are not always convenient to carry. Instead, the TTM KEYWALLET stands out as a space-saving tool that can be stored with regular bank cards in a wallet. Other TTM KEYWALLET benefits include:

  • Affordability. The KEYWALLET TTM costs € 100.
  • Easy to use. The wallet is equipped with a chip that allows it to be connected to a smartphone via NFC. The TTM KEYWALLET works on Android (version 5.1 and above) and iOS. For the verification of the transaction, it is enough to connect a crypto wallet to a smartphone.
  • High level of security. The software on the wallets’ chips generates cryptographic keys that work with the system’s blockchain. As a result, full control of the funds remains in the hands of the TTM KEYWALLET user. The security of the wallet firmware is verified by the Kudelski Security audit.

The TTM KEYWALLET design hardware wallet

TTM Wallet mobile application (under development)

The TTM wallet is a hot wallet for storing cryptocurrencies. At the moment, the project is under development. It will allow users to quickly make transactions with digital assets and transfer coins to the card account.

The user of the TTM portfolio will have first-hand knowledge of the benefits of TTM bank’s holistic approach to project development. The mobile application will be integrated with the TTM KEYWALLET and the company’s crypto cards.

Others products

Along with flagship products, TTM is developing a number of other initiatives, including the TTM ACADEMY. According to the representative of the company, the students of the academy will be able to know all the nuances they may face while working in the digital asset market. The knowledge gained could be used to profit from a new financial instrument.


The TTM Group company has developed a product mix through which cryptocurrencies have become a financial instrument as practical as fiat. That being said, the company’s technical solutions have preserved the advantages of digital assets that differentiate them from traditional currency.

The technical developments of the TTM group are accelerating the adoption of cryptography. Therefore, their instruments have further strengthened the position of digital assets in the traditional financial system.


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