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Froma Harrop

Let’s talk about immigration. An honest.

By sending migrants to liberal states, Republican governors in Florida, Texas and Arizona have engaged in what even the Wall Street Journal has called “political stunts” that turn human beings into “political props.”

His goal was to blame Democrats for the current border chaos. The truth is that Republicans, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, have thwarted even serious conservative efforts to stem the flow of undocumented immigrants. Florida is just as much a “sanctuary state” as New York. DeSantis doesn’t call it that.

Joe Biden



It can be argued that President Joe Biden made the situation worse with his speech about a softer and more open approach to immigration. His beautiful expressions of humanity sparked a rush of people trying their luck at the border. The vast majority of illegal entrants come here to work. Many are simply seeking asylum knowing that the backlogged immigration courts won’t get them a first hearing for an average of 810 days, during which time they can put down roots in America.

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So what is the Republican Party at fault for? Get rid of its cries of illegal immigration, and you have a party that has stopped almost all efforts to get to the root of the problem.

The only solution is to remove the working magnet, and there is already a system in place to do this. E-Verify allows employers to quickly search a database to determine if a new hire can legally work in that country. The US Department of Homeland Security manages it.




A few states require all employers to use E-Verify. Not Florida. DeSantis and his Republican legislature passed a law requiring that only companies doing business with the state and certain large private employers use E-Verify. Most restaurants, tourism businesses, maintenance services, construction companies are left out, the same businesses that employ large numbers of undocumented workers.

During his campaign, former President Donald Trump promised to make E-Verify mandatory nationwide. Once in office, he dropped it. His “blueprint” for an immigration solution made no mention of E-Verify. As Trump explained to Fox News, “E-Verify is so difficult that in some cases, like farmers, they’re not — they’re not equipped for E-Verify.” In other words, it made it too difficult to hire illegal labour.

In 2013, the Senate passed, in a bipartisan vote, an immigration reform bill that would have required all employers to electronically verify the right to work in the United States. As a compromise, he would have legalized the status of most undocumented immigrants already in the country. .

But when the bill reached the House, then-Speaker John Boehner refused to put it to a vote. Although it would have passed easily, the measure did not have the support of a majority of Republican members. They railed against another amnesty for “violators”, unaware that E-Verify would have made this the final amnesty. But there was also their covert campaign to keep cheap labor flowing to their supporters. The Wall Street Journal even called for a constitutional amendment saying, “There will be open borders.

Look where we are almost 10 years later. If America needs more workers – and it seems to – then it should admit more immigrants through the front door.

In the meantime, municipalities should stop declaring themselves “sanctuary cities”. And Republicans who want to stop the tide of illegal entrants should recognize their hypocrisy and make the tough choices.

Want to find illegal workers? Discover the cuisines of Miami, Orlando and West Palm Beach. DeSantis made sure the opportunity to evade our immigration laws keeps knocking, undocumented. And it is the truth.


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