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NEW YORK, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Guggenheim Investments, the global asset management and investment advisory business of Guggenheim Partners, today released its outlook for high yield and bank lending for the second quarter of 2022. Titled “Despite the gray mood, the skies are only partly cloudy,” the report explores the outlook for credit amid rising inflation, monetary tightening by major central banks and war in Europe.

Among the highlights of the 13-page report:

  • While the leveraged credit market posted one of the worst performances on record in the first quarter, there is reason to conclude that conditions are not as dire as they appear.
  • While caution is warranted, this credit cycle is not over yet and this cautious risk-taking in the high yield and bank loan markets may offer rewards to investors who can look through the gloom.
  • Uncertainty from the intensity of rising inflation and the Russian-Ukrainian war is a headwind for credit markets, but underlying fundamentals remain strong in many cases.
  • Real gross domestic product growth in the first quarter was -1.4% quarter over quarter on an annualized basis. However, this negative number is misleading, as the slowdown was due to trade (more imports than exports) and a slower pace of inventory investment. Underlying domestic demand remains robust and the labor market is historically tight.
  • Rising prices for most inputs, including labor and energy, along with supply chain constraints and shipping/transportation delays remain major challenges for many businesses Americans. Despite these challenges, we believe that we are far from the tensions that would trigger a default cycle.
  • The current environment provides an opportunity to begin shedding some exposure to issuers that are more exposed to non-US earnings and have little pricing power to deal with rising costs.
  • For corporate issuers with little exposure to Europe, the ability to absorb rising labor or energy costs, and balance sheets with manageable leverage, the current period may be favorable to better than expected performance.

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