HOA buys golf course and increases homeowner dues


TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – The Sabino Springs Homeowners Association bought the Arizona National Golf Club, which it surrounds, from Romspen Arizona National LLC for $ 1.5 million following a vote of the owners.

The purchase follows years of course triumph and decline dating back to 2012, when existing owners fell behind on HOA assessments and water bills. Lack of payments led Tucson Water to shut down service for a while.

Joanne Kos, chair of the ad hoc committee, said that since then the course has swung between ownership and management, resulting in the water being shut off every year in June to save money before the monsoon rains.

Kos said the price is dropping, as are the house’s values, market value and overall community satisfaction.

In 2017, Romspen’s management decided that it was necessary to get out of the situation without any additional investment. Kos said when the HOA was given an ultimatum it would either have to contribute at least $ 300,000 per year or the course would be closed.

“I think it became clear to the team from the start that the only way to control our destiny would be to own this course. But it was also obvious to us that the owners weren’t there, ”Kos said.

Since then, a special ad hoc committee has discussed alternatives after having a three-year rent-free lease. On May 20, 2021, a vote was taken for a special contribution of $ 100. Almost 75% of owners voted in favor of the purchase. Those who voted either didn’t golf, wanted the course to be a wildlife conservatory, or didn’t have the money.

“I think the people who voted ‘yes’ saw what was going on. The bank that owned this course had another course in Tucson and he closed it like he said he was going to do with this course. They saw it happen and they saw what it does to the values ​​of the owners, what it does to the atmosphere, Kos said. “The people who voted ‘no’ were primarily non-golfers, who moved into the community not because of the golf course, but because it was beautiful.

Homeowners now pay $ 100 per month in over-year dues in addition to their $ 100 HOA payments. Some homeowners say it’s too much money, but the majority tell the HOA they think it’s reasonable.

“A majority (of the owners) are older people and some are snowbirds, this could be our last home and we wanted to enjoy life and we wanted to be able to look at the mountains and look and see those vast green fairways and well-maintained greens,” “Said Dennis Bishop, owner.

Since the HOA took over the course, John Green of the Sabino Springs HOA finance committee has said it has been performing above forecast despite struggles with COVID-19.

“When we started it was $ 100 a month for over 515 families and we really didn’t have any money so it was stressful at first to make sure we kept this place going,” Green said. “Now we have a little cushion and can make some of the equipment upgrades owners want to see. “

In the first nine months of this year, the course is almost $ 350,000 ahead of their forecast. The course and its restaurant continue to operate without interruption, managed by Troon, with the former management and staff.

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