Homeowners upset HOA forcing tree removal in Gwinnett County


Some residents are disturbed by the fact that large, majestic trees are being cut down and replaced by new, tiny trees.

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — You may remember an 11Alive story in October of a homeowners association asking those who live in a Suwanee community to cut down their trees, with the owners footing the bill.

Now, some people in another neighborhood in Gwinnett County have said their HOA requires them to remove trees as well.

From a distance, it may look like a normal neighborhood, but if you look closer, you will see mature trees next to new, smaller trees, and the reason behind this has upset many people who live there.

The trees in the Ginn Web Farms neighborhood have stood proudly for nearly two decades.

“Oh, that’s sad. It’s utterly sad and pitiful,” one owner said.

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What is upsetting for this owner, who did not want to be named, is that large, majestic trees are being cut down and replaced with new, smaller ones.

“I know what it was like before we started shooting in one of those old established neighborhoods where the trees were lush and the location was beautiful,” she said.

The owner said the HOA came to her house every day and asked her to cut down her large tree. It wasn’t exactly cheap – costing $300.

“They’re walking through the subdivision, wanting to cut everything down and start over,” the owner said.

11Alive saw dozens of new trees as it drove through the neighborhood.

“They don’t give us a reason,” she exclaimed. “They call it beautification, and they destroy everything that was originally planted in the name of beautification.”

The HOA president said he asked homeowners to remove trees that aren’t properly maintained and replace them with new trees free of charge.

“Now that tree is dead and not weatherproof. I’m really sick of it and I feel like there’s a lack of respect for people’s abilities,” the Webb Ginn Farms resident said.

Some of the original trees remain, but neighbors are seeing more and more of them fall with a fresh start that not all of them want.


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