Intrinsic Landscaping Wins Environmental Sustainability Award


Glenview, Illinois, USA – (February 3, 2022) – For a fourth year, the Village of Glenview recognizes local organizations that take the lead in environmental stewardship, innovative best practices and community outreach.

The awards will be officially presented by the Village Board of Directors as part of the Village Environment and Natural Resources Commission’s Environmental Sustainability Awards Program.

Nominations were invited from January 1 through October 15, 2021, from all organizations – including businesses, schools, places of worship and volunteer groups – that serve the Glenview community. Applicants were considered in three categories: innovation, leadership, and education and awareness.

This year’s winners are:

“It’s inspiring to see what people can do when they come together and do their part to help the environment in our community…”
Mike Jenny
President of the Village of Glenview


  • Intrinsic Landscaping
    Intrinsic Landscaping is a Glenview-based landscaping company specializing in the design and construction of green roofs, walls and other sustainable landscaping products. They have undertaken many projects in the Chicago area.
  • MFNS Tech, Inc.
    MFNS Tech, Inc., is a start-up that has developed a nanotechnology product that can be added to
    foams and sponges for cleaning up oil spills. This product can help treat oil contaminated water with better results. The founders are residents of Glenview.
  • Princeton Village Homeowners Association
    After learning of the need to increase monarch butterfly habitat, residents of Princeton Village started a project to redevelop an area where trees had recently been cut down due to disease. They planted native plants in the area that included varieties of milkweed that are essential to the monarch’s life cycle.
  • Ten Ninety Brewing Co.
    Ten Ninety Brewing Company is a Glenview craft beer brewer that has started a process to keep its brewing by-products out of the waste stream. Brewery by-products are sent to a farm to be incorporated into livestock feed. The brewery completes the cycle by purchasing meat from the farm for the restaurant.

Education and awareness:

  • Compost of collective resources
    Collective Resource Compost is an Evanston-based food waste hauling company that has been serving residential and commercial customers in Glenview since 2013. They help people compost their food scraps and have diverted over 1,000 tons of food scraps the last year and 8,000 tons since 2010. They educate people on the need to compost, how to work with their program and do outreach in person and via Zoom to teach people about composting.
  • North Cook County Solid Waste Agency
    SWANCC’s Recycling and Education Coordinator educates people in the agency’s 23 member communities about recycling information. During the pandemic, SWANCC has been keeping communities informed via Zoom and in person. The organization also worked to increase the amount and types of materials recycled in the community.


  • Friends of Downtown Glenview
    Friends of Downtown Glenview have partnered with Friends of the Chicago River to create a new cleanup site in downtown Glenview. They worked with village staff to establish the clean-up site.
  • The Beck, Hurvis and Straus Families and the District of Glenview Park
    The Beck, Hurvis and Straus families and the District of Glenview Park are recognized for their work in developing and supporting the Judy Beck Grant program. This year, the program awarded six grants which included supporting the Monarch Butterfly Habitat, funding for Compost Awareness, and The Grove Food Forest. Judy Beck was a member of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee.
  • Greenwise Organic Lawn Care and Landscaping
    Greenwise is an organic lawn care company that practices natural lawn care. They use low-impact lawn equipment that runs on propane or electricity, which is quieter than gas-powered equipment. They also have outreach activities that educate people about natural lawn care and how native plants can improve the ecosystem a yard at a time.

The Village encourages local organizations to adopt practices that help prevent pollution, reduce waste, save energy, reduce air and water emissions, and encourage recycling. Addressing these sustainability challenges starts at home, at work and in our schools.

The Village wishes to highlight the successes of organizations within the community so that, if replicated, others will be inspired to collaborate and share strategies, policies, procedures and best practices for environmentally sound practices. durable.

Source: Environmental Sustainability Award Winners Announced at Glenviewby Eric DeGrechie, Patch Staff


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