Joint effort underway to keep Avenue Marsac clear of snow


The meeting went deeper into the recent plowing issue on Marsac, and Park City manager Matt Dias said the result was a short-term plan. All of these groups will participate and expand their respective plowing responsibilities to keep this road open as often as possible.

“In the short term, the Municipality, Deer Valley and Empire Pass HOA are all going to somehow lengthen our existing snow clearing roads to see if we can temporarily keep this road open longer than we could under existing conditions.” , says Dias.

This will be the MO for several weeks. Dias said the issue, which briefly caused UDOT to say it would not plow the mile-long stretch of Marsac between Wheaton Way and the gate south of Chambers Ave, is a personnel issue – not a dispute over jurisdiction.

“It’s really a manpower issue, you know, Empire Past is willing to pay, they’re willing to keep doing the job,” he said. “They just can’t find the bodies. That’s the problem. There are a couple of things going on in the background; UDOT has another tender to see if they can get a better estimate. Empire Pass has been able through contractors, Empire Pass is raising their wages and hourly wages for people who are willing to drive for them. So it’s not a lack of willpower. It’s really just that they don’t not been able to find people. “

The Empire Pass Owners Association has a special agreement to plow above and below the area. Below this section is the responsibility of UDOT. And Deer Valley and surrounding hotels have their own snow clearing contracts for their properties.

Distributing the plowing among these entities makes the most sense in the short term, he said, although it comes at a cost.

“What this is going to do is it will cost more, it will increase everyone’s labor costs – we’ll all have to pay overtime to use our equipment in a way that we don’t. haven’t already, but I think if we’re if we’re together on a temporary basis, we can work to make it work to get us through the holidays, ”he said.

The next step is to come up with a permanent plan, and another meeting with the same group of voters is scheduled for next week.

Dias reminded the community that even with full services, the road will close a few times a year when conditions are simply not passable. It will not be proactively closed due to a forecast, but only when a public safety emergency is declared there due to snow conditions.


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