Launch of New Timegated® Raman Spectrometer for Real-Time Online Monitoring


Patented Timegated® Raman technology with true fluorescence rejection and user-friendly interface

HELSINKI, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Timegate Instruments Ltd. launched the third-generation PicoRaman M3 instrument, which implements patented Timegated® Raman technology with true fluorescence rejection. The new spectrometer offers ground-breaking features, including fast and continuous, real-time, online measurements, as well as highly specific chemical information and non-destructive analysis.

Timegate has taken the complexity out of using the spectrometer and developed PicoRaman M3 as a user-friendly, compact and portable design. The instrument allows for easy, autoclavable integration with the process environment and does not require sample preparation, allowing for fast setup time. In addition, the PicoRaman M3 enables measurements approximately 10 to 40 times faster than previous generations of Timegated® Raman instruments.

Timegate offers the complete solution for spectroscopic analyzes by also providing the ProbePro family of products, a variety of different optical probes for real-time in situ analysis.

Accurate Raman spectrometer for process industries

The PicoRaman M3 spectrometer expands the application areas of Raman spectroscopy in various fields of science and process industries, including the biopharmaceutical industry to monitor bioprocesses and calculate nutrients.

“We have now completed three years of research and development and launched our new third generation instrument, PicoRaman M3. The main idea was to produce a timed Raman spectrometer for industrial use, as our previous generation models were designed for analytical in the lab. Now we have the technology that can see chemical changes in real time. This third-generation PicoRaman M3 technology is robust and developed for industrial environments while maintaining high performance,” explains Mari TenhunenCEO of Timegate Instruments.

PicoRaman M3 brings significant benefits to Raman spectroscopic analyzes such as faster time to market through better understanding of process mechanisms, fewer process failures, optimized process control and improved productivity as well as product quality with real-time data. It reduces operational costs by not requiring analytical consumables and saving time for analytical professionals. More information about PicoRaman M3:

About Timegate Instruments Ltd.

Timegate Instruments is the first and only company in the world to market Timegated® Raman technology capable of time-resolved measurements without fluorescence interference.

Timegate offers solutions for process industries and academic research to monitor and analyze critical process parameters in real time and online. Timegate helps companies accelerate materials research, solve complex analytical problems, and increase productivity. Timegate’s mission is to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer through more effective process monitoring, exploring raw material depletion, and producing resources for life.

Timegated® Raman technology is based on decades of research at several Finnish research institutes, and it uses the patented technologies resulting from this work. The core of Timegate’s solution is the patented Timegated® Raman Spectrometer which includes a pulsed laser source and a fast detection solution based on single photon counting to decrease the influence of interfering fluorescence signal in the collected Raman spectra. In addition to the single spectrometer solution, Timegate’s technology includes user interface software enabling easy process monitoring for process owners and supporting advanced analysis and maintenance services. Visit our website and learn more:

Contact information

Mari TenhunenCEO of Timegate Instruments Ltd.

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: +358 40 750 4425

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