Law rally: MPs clean up laundry situation


Although tenants were evicted from a Kalispell home for a few weeks, someone’s dirty secret was revealed after indications were discovered that the washer and dryer had been recently used. Flathead County Sheriff’s Office cleaned and secured the house.

A resident of Bigfork complained that a man allegedly shooting did not seem to think the clauses prohibiting it applied to him and the appellant wanted MPs to talk to him about respecting the neighborhood agreements. MPs said his engagement issues should be addressed by the Homeowners Association as it is not illegal to shoot in the county.

Someone in Bigfork complained that his brother was playing the radio too loud in his car and that he could hear him in the house.

A cow was roaming free in Kalispell.

A man and woman in Columbia Falls are said to have yelled, screamed, slammed doors and threw objects through a door.

Someone calling from out of state would have had questions about a conversation they had on an airplane.

A Kalispell official told MPs the company’s money was lost when an online con artist allegedly asked an employee to bring money to a slot machine to buy gift cards.

A vehicle without headlights made someone fear it would cause a shipwreck in Kalispell.

A vehicle containing occupants dressed in “hunter orange” reportedly drove past a house trying to shoot deer on property in Kila.

A semi-truck passed a red light and swerved onto a road in Kalispell.

Someone reportedly went to a woman’s property in Bigfork and took pictures and shouted about parking issues.

A Whitefish resident returned home to find his home had been broken into.


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