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Staff from Chino Hills, Diamond Bar and the City of Industry have submitted sample logos to represent the Tres Hermanos Conservation Authority which will be presented to the Authority on Monday, October 25 during the 6 p.m. meeting.

The Hybrid Meeting will take place in the Windmill Room at Diamond Bar Town Hall, 21810 Copley Dr. and can be accessed by phone at (562) 247-8422 and entering access code 420392254.

The logo is intended to create a distinct identity for the 2,500-acre Tres Hermanos Ranch which straddles both sides of Grand Avenue and is governed by the Authority, made up of councilors and staff from the three towns. According to a staff report, the logo would be used on calendars, the future website, documents and other uses.

Five logos were provided. The board can choose one, refine one, or combine elements of any of the options.

The logos include a stylized image of a longhorn face, a tree, hills with a sun, a stylized shrub, a stylized tree and a leaf starting with the initials TH The logos are contained in the diary and can be viewed by visiting the diamond barca.gov/agendas, and click on “agenda package” for the Tres Hermanos Conservation Authority.

The City of Industry transferred ownership of the ranch to the Authority in 2019, with an act restriction limiting the use of the land for “open space, public use, or preservation.”

Approximately 1,750 acres are in Chino Hills and 695 acres in Diamond Bar.

In other cases, the Authority will hear a presentation by historian Paul Spitzzeri on the history of Tres Hermanos Ranch.

consider establishing signing authority for the CEO in an amount not to exceed $ 25,000 per fiscal year, and consider authorizing reimbursement agreements for property maintenance services with the City of Industry and Diamond Bar.

The members of the Authority are Ray Marquez, president; Cathy Marcucci, vice-president; and directors Nancy Lyons, Cory Moss, Peter Rogers, Newell Ruggles and Steve Tye.

Diamond Bar City General Manager Daniel Fox is the General Manager.

Meetings are rotated between the three cities every two years. The general manager is the general manager of the city where the meetings are held.



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