Major developments approved in Lebanon


Aug 26 — Lebanon’s Planning Commission on Tuesday approved more than 600 new lots for development as the city’s growth shows no signs of slowing down and some residents start to rebel.

These approvals, which have yet to go to city council, include development plans at Five Oaks of 124 lots. Five Oaks Homeowners’ Association vice president Michael Landy said the move would have a significant impact on traffic in the neighborhood.

The addition of a traffic light is welcome at the entrance to the development off the US 70’s, he said, but added that more homes meant more cars and more congestion to the intersection.

Landy was also concerned about the quick turnaround times and the lack of adequate supply of large single-family homes.

Councilor Chris Crowell, who is the commission’s advisor, said he believes growth can be positive. Meanwhile, commissioner Mack McCluskey, who replaced President David Taylor, said: “There is an advantage to having a variety of housing.”

A requested preliminary deck for Lynnwood, which will be a 126 lot subdivision on Hartsville Pike, has been approved. The planning director in Lebanon, Paul Corder, told the commission that the platform meets the staffing needs of the designated area and that the planning department is not opposed to the platform as it is.

The question of whether an additional entry would be necessary arose.

Ryan Lovelace of Civil Site Design Group said his clients would not object to installing emergency barriers at Hartsville Pike entrances, but ultimately the platform was approved without any conditions.

Two additional requests for final approval to the Village of Hunters Point would bring two subdivisions to the site at 1501 Hunters Point Parkway, for a total of 128 lots.

There was also a request for site plan approval for the Leeville Pike townhouses, which would result in the development of 101 units on approximately 18.5 acres.

Four items on the committee’s consent agenda were also unanimously approved. These included a subdivision of 59 lots on Cairo Bend Road to be called The Preserve at Belle Pointe, a subdivision of 98 lots for the villages of Hunters Point and a subdivision of 73 lots at 4735 Leeville Pike.

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