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Photo: Better HOA’s Matt and Rebekah Olsen Wednesday was welcomed as members of the Olive Branch Chamber of Commerce with an inauguration event. (Bob Bakken/DeSoto County News)

One of DeSoto County’s attractions comes from its well-maintained and attractive subdivisions and neighborhoods. For many places, a homeowners association, or HOA, provides oversight for that neighborhood or subdivision. He makes sure that the rules of the association that the owners are part of are respected, so that the property values ​​are protected for all.

Matt and Rebekah Olsen have been involved with HOAs as volunteers in their subdivision, but have always thought there was a better way to run HOAs. So, as self-employed entrepreneurs, the Olsens chose to start their own property management business which they call Better HOA.

“A better HOA was born when we volunteered with our own HOA,” Olsen said. “We were dealing with other management companies and we thought all the time there had to be a better way to do this. We decided to start our own business and took the name Better HOA.

This isn’t the couple’s first time in the business world. They started a company called Memphis Gold Buyers, located on Poplar Avenue, which they grew from scratch into a successful business which they eventually sold in 2017.

Matt and Rebekah Olsen of Better HOA with daughter Pippa. (Bob Bakken/DeSoto County News)

Rebekah is also currently involved in content marketing management as she also does copywriting for a company called Well Refined, a team of female content creators and writers.

But with their past experience volunteering for their own homeowners association, the Olsens believe they provide added benefits to associations that hire them to be their management company.

“We take the day-to-day operations of an HOA and make it easier for volunteers and members of that HOA to manage day-to-day operations,” Olsen said. “We basically relieve the volunteer and do it more professionally. The board is holding us back, but the benefits go to all members. »

Among the benefits is what Olsen called the Better Vendor Network. This is a list of preferred service companies that members can use for their property which they then rent out at a discount.

“What we’ve done is through our experience and years of working with these people, we’ve looked at these companies and come up with a list of contractors and suppliers that we prefer and call them our top suppliers. “, Olsen said. “This gives our members access to discounts and also makes it easier for them to find services. This is a benefit for all of our members.

Olsen said Better HOA wants to make sure they provide the best services to the associations that partner with them, so DeSoto County is their primary focus.

“We live and work here, it’s where we live, work and play, and we want to make sure we’re providing the best HOA experience to those HOAs in our community before we consider expanding outside of our area” , Olsen said.

The website for more information is There is also a Facebook page and Better HOA can be contacted by phone at 662-400-8404.

“Anyone can reach us at any time by text, phone or email. Our email is [email protected],” said Olsen, who added that each association that works with them receives an email address. specific mail to contact them about their specific subdivision.

“That way there’s no confusion and they know exactly which email to contact us,” Olsen said.


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