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CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Maryland – The mayor and the city council announce the resignation of city councilor Derek Favret, effective September 15, 2021. City councilor Derek Favret presented the reasons for his resignation from the city council at the July 15 municipal assembly and participated in the election of city councilor Larry Jaworski as the new vice president of the city council during the special municipal assembly on September 8. City Councilor Favret has accepted a new job opportunity that requires his family to move to Newport News, Virginia.

This move will also allow the Favrets to be closer to members of their extended family.
In addition to serving citizens as a member and vice-chairman of city council, Councilor Favret served on the appeal board, served as chairman of the city’s pedestrian community advisory group, and first chairman of the Chesapeake Village Homeowners Association. City Councilor Favret is retired from the US Air Force and works as a federal official in the US Department of Energy.

“It has been an honor to serve on the Chesapeake Beach City Council for the past 5 years. This administration has worked very well together and continues to achieve goals of making the community a better place to live, work and raise a family. I am truly I enjoyed meeting and working with so many wonderful people along the way. My family and I will be sadly missed by the city and I wish everyone the best for the future. “, said City Councilor Derek Favret.

Mayor, City Council and City staff spoke about the impact City Councilor Derek Favret has had on the City, calling him an intermediary for many activities serving citizens, at the last two town halls. from the city.

“Thank you for your service, your dedication and your words of wisdom which have made it possible over the past 5 years to be the best administration the Town of Chesapeake Beach has known in the last century!” said Mayor Patrick J. “Irish” Mahoney.

The new vice-president of the council Jaworski thanked the mayor and the city council for electing him to this post. Vice-Chairman Jaworski added: “I know I have big shoes to fill to replace Mr. Favret. He has done an outstanding job as a member of our city council and vice-chair of our council. He will surely be missed.

In accordance with the City Charter, the City Council will appoint a member of the Council to fill the vacancy of Councilor Favret for the unexpired term. Information on this process will be posted on the City’s website over the coming week.

We wish the Favret family all the best and hope to see them back in town soon.

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