Meghalaya government refuses to take over 108 emergency services


SHILLONG, July 27: Minister of Health James Sangma has advised that the state government cannot support and run EMRI 108 emergency services in the state.

This was informed by Meghalaya EMRI Workers Union (MEMRIWU) President Microlina Syiemlieh after the meeting with the Minister of Health.

Speaking to the media, Syiemlieh said the health minister had informed the union that the bidding process was already underway for a new company to run the emergency services, the government of State having taken the decision not to renew or extend the contract with GVK.

Syiemlieh said that during the meeting with the Minister of Health, the union had clearly urged the minister to take action for the state government to take over and run EMRI 108 in the state, as the current management had seriously failed in its duty.

“At the meeting, we had detailed discussions with the Minister of Health and the union had asked the state government to take over and manage the emergency services to provide quality health services to the people of the state,” she said.

Syiemlieh said the meeting with the minister was not successful as the minister had hinted at the privatization of EMRI 108, but he assured the union that the state government would ensure that its employees do not encounter any difficulties in the future.

She added that the Minister of Health had informed the union that as of now, no Indian state is operating the 108 emergency services and the Meghalaya government is in no condition to resume the services.

“From the union, we have asked the Minister of Health to raise the issue in cabinet, on why the state government cannot take the decision to operate the 108 emergency service in the ‘State,’ she added.

Syiemlieh said the health minister said the state government would not allow any other company to harass its employees in the future.



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