Meridian Plaza, Orchard Town Center sites move forward


GLEN CARBON – As part of the construction and development committee meeting last week, construction and development administrator Stacy Jose reported to the committee on the status of new businesses in the village, planned and in construction.

The first was Meridian Plaza. She said the developer recently submitted information to move the project forward. This is a new 43-acre mixed-use project located at the southeast corner of Route 157 and Meridian Drive, on what is now farmland. There would be four separate sections. From north to south there would be shops / details including a possible hotel near 157; near the heart of the development would be 175 one- and two-bedroom apartments in seven separate buildings; facing Meridian there would be slate office and medical buildings and on the southern edge and southeast corner of the project would be 21 single family and / or duplex homes.

A handful of residents of the Timberwolfe Subdivision have come to previous town halls to voice concerns about stormwater runoff in their subdivision; they do not expect this project to improve that concern. Mayor Bob Marcus said Scott Plocher, who developed the Edwardsville Trace project on the Parkway project, met with residents of the adjacent subdivisions of Timberwolf and Ginger Creek.

“The trustee Maliszewski and certain members of the staff [members] met to discuss the project, based on some of the concerns from adjacent residents that we had, and it was recommended that the developer meet with the Timberwolfe Homeowners’ Association again and hold a meeting here at the village hall before to do anything ahead, ”she said.

Public Works Director Scott Slemer reached out to Marcus about the idea and the mayor agreed.

The meeting will take place on December 8 or 15, she said, uncertain of the exact date and hesitant to give more details with a reporter in the room.

“We just organize the meeting; we are not participating in the publication of any of the information, ”she said. “This is not a step that we are taking. Responsibility for making contact with the HOA and residents will rest solely with the developer. City staff would also be available to answer questions, especially those regarding drainage, at the meeting, she added.

Regarding the new service station planned for Route 157 just south of Interstate 270, The Game Project, Jose said she had not heard from the engineers or the developer since the meeting of the construction and development committee last month. She expects more information in the near future on this matter.

The Ameren Transmission Operations Control Center, which will also be built along the 157 but further south than the gas station, held a site leveling meeting on November 19 to discuss the completion of a leveling there. The building permit has not yet been approved, but the project should see the light of day soon.

Jose has not heard from Osborn Place LLC about the Glen Carbon office buildings on West Main Street or a development on Route 159. She said she also had no news. from the developers of Cottages at Field’s Crossing, a community of villas.

Discount Tire’s final site plan was adopted at the village board meeting on Tuesday, so the old bank building at 4200 State Route 159 will be razed and a new building will replace it as the new place to buy. tires and wheels next year.

Magnolia Commons at Keystone Place has received grading permission and earthworks have started on this site.

Maliszewski wanted to know when the standings would start at Orchard Town Center.

“They got their license and I think they had a scoring meeting on Friday,” she said. “They should start at any time; I know the developer is eager to get started.


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