Namibia: Osona residents face 100% increase in levies


The inhabitants of the village of OSONA are protesting against the increases of more than 100% in levies on individual accounts for section titles that the municipality of Okahandja has recently implemented.

The two types of residences in the village near Okahandja are section titles and detached houses for single residential use.

Homeowners whose current monthly levy is N$771.09 would now, for example, face a monthly levy of N$2,182.43.

Resident John Sinonge says: “At first it was the electricity rate, then the water went up. On May 1, we were shocked when we were told the increase was in effect. case, it is 50 to 300 Namibian dollars per month.”

He says residents weren’t able to give feedback at last month’s meeting.

“We have a committee that represents us, but we were told that it was already set up. It seems that there is nothing we can do about it…”

Another resident, who prefers to remain anonymous, said, “It doesn’t make sense that some people’s rates go from 700 Namibian dollars to over 2,000 Namibian dollars, while others are lower.”

He says there should be transparency on how the rates are calculated.

“The municipality of Okahandja should give us answers on how they plan to use the money, because there is no development in the village. No clinics or other essential services have been brought to us,” he said.

Ceekay Snyman says he’s not happy.

“We were told we would be consulted, but now find ourselves having to pay N$2,300, compared to N$300 before.”

The owners’ association of the village of Osona has rejected what they call a “brutal” decision by the municipality.

The association in a letter to OPMC property managers last week said residents are already subject to increases elsewhere.

“The Osona Village Homeowners Association would like to inform your good offices that we have joined the community’s call to boycott the implementation,” the letter reads.

He said new bills for tenants of general or section residential titles remained pending and general residential landlords had noted an increase of between N$400 and N$1,500 in their current levies.

The owners are asking the OPMC to suspend the instruction from the municipality of Okahandja to implement the increases.

They also ask the SPOPM to engage the municipality on the community’s position on the matter.

Contacted for comment, Okahandja Municipality Director General Alphons Tjitombo said he would not be able to comment on the matter until later this week.


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