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Despite rumors in the community, the hospital is not closing and the Obstetrics (OB) ward is not closing. Stroudwater Associates and leaders of the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) were on hand this week for an in-depth review of service lines, finances and processes. Dr Meagan Weber, CEO of Scotland County Hospital, reported: “Consultants from Stroudwater were here this week to analyze our service lines and provide a strategic plan to improve our processes. They had great news to announce after their evaluations! Our volume is doing very well, in fact, close to pre-pandemic status. They are confident that we can break even in six months and move forward with stable finances. Our focus will be on improving processes and operations, while sourcing quality family medicine clinicians to provide our wide range of services, right here in Memphis. We are currently talking with some OB/GYN providers who are interested in coming to our area. We plan to grow our OB program and expand our services as we look for providers to join our team. The Stroudwater consultants confirmed that OB should not be shut down, but rather work harder to find vendors to provide OB services. Dr. Weber knows that the OB service provides services that staff are passionate about and want to continue to provide this service in the area.

The hospital’s management team felt that the consultants at Stroudwater had shed a very positive light on the hospital’s operations and future. “Management and staff have a lot of work to do over the next two months, but everyone is on deck to get our finances back on track. We thank the community for their support. Please know that we are building a positive future for Scotland County Hospital and Clinics,” said Lori Fulk, Chair of the Scotland County Hospital Board. The board and management team are excited about the future of the organization. The communities served by the hospital can also be enthusiastic; heaving a sigh of relief that the rumors aren’t true.

Earlier this summer, Scotland County Hospital was selected by the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) to receive technical assistance, provided by Stroudwater Healthcare Consulting, funded by the USDA under a collaborative agreement with the NRHA . Stroudwater Associates is the leading national source of strategic, operational and financial strategy for rural and community hospitals.

Ms Fulk said: “Our aim is and always has been for Scotland County Hospital to survive and remain viable to continue to serve our community in the future. Stroudwater’s assessments and reports are encouraging and we are ready to move forward with their recommendations. I would like to emphasize that our medical staff is extremely qualified and we strongly encourage the community to continue to use the services of the Hospital.

Also this week, new hospital executives negotiated a contract with Matt McKee for the 340B drug program through Scotland County Pharmacy in Memphis.

And finally, Scotland County Hospital’s Saturday Urgent Care Clinic will close, until further notice, after Labor Day weekend. The last Saturday for urgent care will be September 3, 2022. This decision was based on underutilization of the service. The Weekend Urgent Care Clinic was launched in 2016 after resounding support for the walk-in clinic that began at Memphis Medical Services in 2015. Walk-in Clinics at All Rural Health Clinics , owned and operated by County Hospital Scotland, maintains high utilization and patients regularly use the services of the walk-in clinic. The number of urgent care patients, over those six years, just doesn’t prove that this is a heavily used Saturday health service in Memphis.

Clinics in Memphis, Lancaster, and Edina offer walking hours from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays; however, due to current staffing, medical services in Edina will be temporarily closed on Wednesdays. The Wyaconda Clinic is open on Tuesdays and has walking hours throughout the day. In addition, all of our rural health clinics offer same day appointments, when available.

What is the difference between a walk-in appointment and a same-day appointment? Walk-in clinic visits are not pre-booked. You must physically come to the clinic to be seen by a provider and then be seen in order of arrival or severity of your medical need. Walk-in patients do not call ahead. Same-day appointments are just that; they are scheduled that day. There is a daily schedule for these tours and they are pre reserved by calling the clinic the same day. With only one provider catering to this need, there are a limited number of these visits each day, so if you need to be seen, call early as appointments fill up quickly.

To contact one of our rural health clinics, call:

Memphis Medical Services 660-465-2828

Edina Medical Services 660-460-8140

Lancaster Medical Services 660-457-3655

Wyaconda Medical Services 660-479-5553.


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