New year, new partner: WEHOville welcomes David Wood to the family


David Wood, a West Hollywood resident and farmers’ insurance agent, bought a minority stake in Boystown Media Inc, owner of WEHOville.

The addition of Wood expands the ownership ranks and the board of directors of Boystown Media Inc. Nick Remedio is the current vice president of Boystown Media, and Larry Block is the current president, retaining 88% ownership of the society.

The decision to cede shares to community members is WEHOville’s long-term plan, Block said. The goal is to have 20 owners who live and love WEHO.

“WEHOville will continue no matter what happens to me, and that is the vision.”

David Wood aka “Woody” has a long history of volunteering for many local organizations, including Labor Day LA where he served as president in 1995. He has also participated in the California Aids Lifecycle, is president of its homeowners association, and was a founding member of the Melrose Action 2021 board of directors. David currently volunteers for the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce as Vice President of Membership.

Additionally, Brandon Garcia has been officially appointed Editor-in-Chief of WEHOville. “Brandon has presided over a difficult transition and our readership has quadrupled since we took office in April 2021,” Block said.

“We’re ending the year strong, with a surplus in the bank account and having overcome a huge learning curve,” Block said. “I am delighted to continue to expand the WEHOville ownership ranks to include more West Hollywood residents. Interested investors can email [email protected] for more information.


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