Ogdensburg reminds residents to call 911 in an emergency, not the police and fire department directly | St. Lawrence County


OGDENSBURG – The city is emphasizing the use of 911 emergency reports in situations requiring emergency assistance from police, fire and emergency medical services.

Enhanced 911 telephone emergency reporting has been available to residents of Ogdensburg and St. Lawrence County since the fall of 1992, according to a press release issued Tuesday by City Manager Stephen P. Jellie. The City reminds residents to call 911 in the event of an emergency that immediately threatens life, property or the environment.

“This renewed priority is not a new change or development,” Mr. Jellie said. “The City of Ogdensburg has continued to receive emergency calls for assistance from police and fire departments, but this practice will cease in the near future and all calls or text messages to services emergency calls must be made using the Enhanced 911 Emergency Reporting System which is administered by the County of St. Lawrence.

The St. Lawrence County Emergency Communications Center is equipped to receive and respond to “Text-to-9-1-1” mobile phone messages when it is too dangerous for a person to speak or for use by people who are hard of hearing.

In the same statement, Mr Jellie said calls made directly to police and fire administrative emergency lines are delaying responses and will no longer be permitted.

Dialing 911, he said, “is the most effective method of requesting emergency services for any emergency that threatens life, property and the environment.”

Requests for 911 assistance are received 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Saint-Laurent County Emergency Services Center in Canton or the Emergency Communication Center in Masséna.

Mr. Jellie said residents can always contact the police department directly when a crime has already been committed and the offenders are no longer on the scene, for nuisance calls, to get information from the department, to speak to an agent or for any other non-urgent administrative matter.

The fire department can be contacted to schedule a station tour, schedule fire prevention activities, obtain service information, or for other non-emergency administrative matters.

The release noted that Ogdensburg is moving forward with the final segment of the transition of the remaining police dispatch function to the St. Lawrence County Emergency Communications Center. With this, all police cars, fire trucks and ambulances in Ogdensburg will be radioed and tracked by the county system.

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