Only 4 in 10 financial advisers have offered ESG products to their clients in the past year


Nordea Asset Management sought the advice of 1,200 individual investors from Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland. All survey respondents are currently using a financial advisor. The results indicate that many financial advisers have yet to take advantage of the upcoming ESG regulatory opportunity.

“European investors have recognized that sustainability is a financial risk and would like their financial advisers to introduce more ESG products. They also said their lack of knowledge is a major barrier to investing in ESG products – they need clearer and simpler explanations. Nordea AM comments on the survey results, referring to the following detailed findings:

  • Result n ° 1: “European advisers should step up their efforts to prepare for the new MiFID and sustainability rules”
    • 39% of clients surveyed said that lack of knowledge and experience is the biggest barrier to ESG investments
    • 81% of clients say they need clearer and simpler explanations of ESG products
    • 73% The consultants want them to discover more new ESG products
  • Outcome 2: “Advisors play a crucial role, but have only partially kept pace with future regulations”
    • 73% of respondents identified their advisor as the main source of ESG information
    • 96% of investors trust their advisor to have a good understanding of ESG, but more than half have not discussed ESG products with their advisor.
    • 62% They have not received an ESG product offer from their advisor in the past 12 months. The entry into force of the MiFID II amendments next year offers a great opportunity for consultants.
  • Insight n ° 3: “Individual investors confirm their desire to have more ESG products”
    • 76% They have increased their investment in ESG over the past 12 months
    • 72% are satisfied with the performance of their ESG investment
    • 71% Plan to increase ESG allocations over the next 12 months

“More than half of the retail investors surveyed named their financial advisor as the main source of ESG information. This represents a real opportunity for financial advisers ”, declares François Passante, ESG President of Nordea Asset Management. “To use it, the survey shows that they need to improve their knowledge of ESG and the way they explain the basics of ESG and their products to their customers. This is where partnering with asset management companies and years of ESG experience as well as demonstrating ESG skills, products and support can make a real difference. “

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