Proposed duplex development for the southwest of the city


November 15 – A residential development is again proposed for a property over 3 acres on the southwest side of town.

Kokomo City Council voted unanimously on Monday to move to a second and final reading of an application to rezon a 3.17-acre lot at 2331 W. Lincoln Road from commercial office to general multi-family residential .

Developers Rick Singh and Champreet Kaur hope to construct 10 one-story duplex buildings on what is now vacant land just east of Ladd Dental Group.

The duplexes will be a mix of two- and three-bedroom units with a one-car garage for each unit, with rent between $1,700 and $2,000 per month and will be part of a gated community with a private road crossing the housing development community, according to Kevin Steely, of Terra Site Development and the project engineer.

A preliminary concept layout submitted to City Council shows the majority of duplexes on the south and southeast sides of the property and a reversal and retention pond on the northeast side.

Development details, such as number of duplexes, setbacks and final development layout, are subject to change as the project is yet to receive development plan approval from the Kokomo Plan Commission at a later date. This is if the rezoning application is approved.

The proposed development is the second residential proposal for the land in as many months.

A former developer, Jameel Murphy, CEO of Zam Development, has twice sought to rezone the property as a general multi-family residence. Initially, the plan was to build between 25 and 30 two-story townhouses.

After this was rejected by the city council, Murphy again applied for rezoning to build seven two-story condominium duplexes. The city council rejected the second rezoning application after learning that Murphy had pulled out of the project.

These proposals were violently rebuffed by residents of the adjacent Westbrook Homeowners Association executive plaza.

Residents’ main concerns were the potential loss of privacy as the townhouses would be multi-story, the proximity of the new townhouses to the HOA’s privacy fence, increased traffic in the area, and the belief that the number of townhouses was too high for the space. .

The move from multi-story townhouses to single-story duplexes was done in an effort to reduce privacy concerns.

HOA leaders and residents attended and spoke at Monday’s city council meeting with many of the same concerns as before.

“This area is not big enough for multiple units like they’re trying to put in there,” said Carol Croxford, president of Executive Place HOA. “We are concerned about our privacy if this is done, the traffic that is going to be involved with this, the added noise, the destruction of our fences. We ask that you please do not rezone this for residential multi-family.”

City council’s discussion of the rezoning request was negligible this time around, with some of the council members telling HOA residents to bring their questions and concerns to the possible future development plan approval meeting.

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