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Over the past year, I have noticed several trends in heavy industrial machinery and components.

Regarding cooling towers, at the start of the year, market uncertainty led to postponements of maintenance in the electricity and heavy industry sectors.

Now that trend has abated and we are seeing pent-up demand boosting component needs. This increase is now meeting headwinds with the supply chain issues we all experience. Our recommendation is that companies should approach maintenance now rather than later. In response to these trends, SPX Cooling has made adjustments to our operations to ensure that we are able to meet customer needs, regardless of supply chain issues.

Deferred maintenance can lead to unplanned equipment failures. We have seen an increase in emerging work (even before COVID-19). Because emergent work comes unexpectedly, the availability of parts and crews is of paramount importance. That’s why we expanded our parts and service facility for Marley® cooling towers in Houston. The Gulf Coast is a hub for cooling towers and we stock many parts ready to ship same day including gearboxes and fans.

SPX Cooling has also expanded its product offering. We have introduced a number of high value products which help customers in the cooling market to increase their performance.

  • Everest® modular cooling towers, such as the NC® Everest (cross-flow) and MD Everest (upstream), ship earlier and install faster than comparable field-mounted designs. This can reduce the manpower required and shorten the duration of outages.
  • Under typical operating conditions of static pressure and airflow in cooling towers, the new Marley HP7000 replacement fans for field mounted counterflow cooling towers operate at higher efficiencies, consume less energy. energy and require fewer blades than other products on the market.
  • Marley’s new M-Series Geareducer® transmissions are designed as “instant” replacements for other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) transmissions in field-mounted cooling towers. In terms of form and function, these gears go beyond the requirements of the American Gear Manufacturers Association to maximize air movement through the tower and minimize maintenance requirements.
  • Extensive inspection services provided by SPX Cooling representatives using our proprietary inspection app, which provides the customer with a detailed written inspection report with recommendations for maintenance, repair and replacement.
  • Marley FIT Selection Software provides a simple online application to properly size the complete cooling tower transmission including gearbox, driveshaft and fan.

We had a good year 2021 for cooling tower components in the industrial market. The challenges of physically accessing facilities to perform cooling tower inspections have eased, and maintenance and repairs are an active priority for SPX Cooling. Everything indicates that customers are more interested in OEMs to add higher performance and long term reliability as they increase their capacity.

About SPX cooling

Customers can know us by any of our trusted brands: Marley, Recold, SGS, Balcke, Ceramic and many more. We design, manufacture, sell and service these brands, which are now part of the global SPX Cooling family.

We are an industry leader combining innovative design, advanced technologies and unmatched support to help you get the most out of your cooling process.

SPX Cooling offers a full range of quality options for your specific cooling needs. Our current brands – Marley, Recold and SGS – represent the ultimate in wet and dry cooling; cooling towers; and air-cooled heat exchangers, parts and maintenance, as well as our old brands and acquired businesses.

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