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“Weekends and after hours are the best way to learn about a neighborhood,” Rosie says of House Certified Partner Joelle Kahn, realtor at Tierra Antigua Realty. “Walk around the neighborhood. Talk with neighbors. Find out who the ‘mayor’ is. The mayor will tell you how awesome it is. On the other hand, the “gossip dog” will tell you how loud it is and other problems. »

Along with talking with neighbors, Kahn also suggests hanging out in the neighborhood at different times to see who’s coming and going and general activity in the neighborhood. You will get a real feel for the area and see red flags such as:

Neglected houses. Is their pride of ownership in the neighborhood?

“Chickens are a big deal,” Kahn says. “If someone has a rooster or other noisy animals, will you be able to deal with it?”

Graffiti can be as simple as neighborhood kids being obnoxious, but it can also be a sign of gang activity, which is a serious safety issue. If the graffiti is not removed soon, more will likely follow and turn the neighborhood into an eyesore.

Look for trash cans that haven’t been taken in or are overflowing.

You can also find crime statistics, a map of where crimes took place, and a map of registered sex offenders. Check out these websites.


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