Royal Mail warns of delivery delays in 10 areas as workforce affected by Covid-19 absences


If you have concerns about your post delay, you can contact the Royal Mail customer service team. However, this is unlikely to speed up deliveries until the personnel issues are resolved.

Although there is no guarantee, you can also submit a compensation form via the Royal Mail website, which covers you when your mail is lost, damaged or delayed. You should make sure you have all the details of the sender and recipient, the Royal Mail service used (e.g. 1st class, Royal Mail Signed For, International Standard, etc.), the date and place of dispatch , proof of postage and (if applicable) proof of value / cost price.

It’s also worth trying the following:

  • If you are expecting a late package, contact the dealer. Remember that even though Royal Mail delivers your package, it is the retailer’s responsibility to make sure it arrives. Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, you are entitled to a refund if your package arrives later than promised. If you ordered online or over the phone, you also have the right to cancel within 14 calendar days and get a full refund, although you may have to pay a return shipping cost. You may also be entitled to compensation if you had to be absent for a reorganized delivery. See our Delivery rights guide to find out more about your rights.
  • Try to order from a different address or avoid delivery via Royal Mail. If you can secure delivery to a postcode that is not assigned, such as a family member or friend, it may be faster to do so. Likewise, if you have the option to avoid using Royal Mail, and you can go with a different courier, that may also be a faster option.
  • If you receive an invoice in the mail and you are concerned about late payment, contact your service provider. Discuss your options – you may be able to pay the bill online or over the phone. Likewise, if you are expecting important documents in the mail, it might be worth checking to see if you can receive them by email instead.

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