Safe-Cut: the benchmark service for cutting tank bottoms


Mass Technology Corp. (MTC) has been in business since 1994 providing patented precision storage tank leak detection services.

The company’s quantitative leak detection method will not miss a leak within its detection threshold and has proven to be the safest, most economical and most accurate tank test method in the world.

After 13 years of tremendous success testing tanks for the U.S. Department of Defense, refineries, and liquid storage terminals, MTC recognized the need for a safer, more cost-effective method of cutting funds and roofs of tanks that have leaked hydrocarbons or other explosive liquids, and have saturated the ground under the tank floor. In 2007, MTC obtained the US patent for the Netherlands’ “Ragworm” water-cutting technology, naming the service “Safe-Cut”.

Safe-Cut is a unique, patented, ultra-high pressure, on-site water cutting service for safely cutting steel, concrete, fiberglass, asphalt and almost any other material. MTC has successfully completed more than 1,600 cutting jobs at 83 refineries, 37 liquid storage facilities, 28 chemical plants, and for 22 other types of industries in 33 states across the United States. The company has accomplished this while achieving and maintaining an excellent safety record.

BIC Magazine recently spoke with Carl Bracken, Vice President of Business Development for MTC (Safe-Cut), about the benefits of using its unique aboveground tank cutting service, as well as the advantage of use the dual cutting head attachment and minimize LELs when Corp. cuts tanks that have leaked and have a “hot bottom”.

BIC: Why do companies need Safe-Cut?

BRACKEN: Safe-Cut provides a safe, flameless wet cutting method used in paper mills, printing plants, refineries, chemical plants and liquid storage terminals. It is safe, fast and can be used to perform tough cutting applications. Other “so called” water blasters are hydro blasters designed for water blasting, not cutting. Hydroblasters can cut with water, but they use more than 10 times more water – 10 to 50 gallons per minute (gpm), depending on the cutting tip – and cut at much lower pressure. Safe-Cut uses less than 1 gpm of water and 20-25% more cutting pressure, resulting in much faster cutting speeds.

BIC: How does Safe-Cut reduce LELs in leaky tanks?

BRACKEN: The unique Safe-Cut system has the ability to inject a 3-5% solution of a hydrocarbon mitigation agent into the holding tank, allowing us to reduce LELs by up to 50% during the cutting operation. On numerous occasions, Safe-Cut has donned the proper PPE and performed a bottom cut in tanks with over 25% LEL.

BIC: How has Safe-Cut helped MTC?

BRACKEN: Obtaining the Safe-Cut patent and having in place a very competent and experienced management as well as a highly qualified field staff has made Safe-Cut the go-to company for mobile cutting at ultra high pressure. Our customer retention rate is over 90% and most of our established customers don’t even look elsewhere. Thanks to years of experience, they just know how to accompany us and if we win the project, we win it together as a team.

BIC: What is the double cutting head attachment?

BRACKEN: The Safe-Cut Double Cutter Head is an accessory designed and manufactured by Safe-Cut to allow the shell of an aboveground tank to be cut at the fillet weld or to provide a slot to improve installation of the plate when replacing the bottom.

With this special double cutter head, we can safely cut a slot to a specified width in one pass around the circumference of the tank very quickly. This makes Safe-Cut faster, safer and offers precision cutting.

BIC: How successful is MTC?

BRACKEN: MTC is simply the safest and most cost effective industrial services company, using two patented services for tank testing and water cutting. Since developing and implementing a strategic sales and marketing plan in 2013, our Safe-Cut service has grown over 340%.

For more information contact Carl Bracken [email protected] or call (713) 725-6939.


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