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Laura Palmer-Lohan, a San Carlos City Council member running for the District 3 seat on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, has edged out her three opponents since April 24. She is closely followed by Menlo Park City Council member Ray Mueller. which raised during the last filing period.

Menlo Park and San Mateo County Harbor Districts Fire Protection Board Member Virginia Chang-Kiraly and Steven Booker, also vying for the open seat, reported smaller contributions to the during the same period.

Incumbent supervisor Don Horsley is not running for re-election due to term limits. The top two candidates from the June 7 primary will face each other in the November general election.

Campaign finance disclosures from April 24, 2021 to May 21, 2022 show Palmer-Lohan raised more than $22,000 in less than a month, bringing his total contributions for the calendar year to $56,689, the highest candidates. She also spent the most among the field of candidates.

Palmer-Lohan’s contributions during this period came almost entirely from individuals, with notable political donors being Palo Alto Unified School District Administrator Jennifer DiBrienza ($1,000), Redwood City School District Administrator Alisa MacAvoy ($250), Brisbane City Council member Karen Cunningham ($104) and Wendy Dougherty, San Carlos School Board Trustee and COO of Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation ($100). It was also supported by several education professionals, consultants and health professionals.

Mueller reported the second-biggest carry at $16,100 since April 24, for a total of $46,624 this calendar year.

Notable donors to Mueller’s campaign include the California Nurses Association Political Action Committee ($1,500) as well as a number of individual attorneys, who collectively contributed $4,600.

Chang-Kiraly raised $5,546 during the filing period, bringing it to a total of $24,849 this calendar year. His major donations came from Susan Martin, chief financial officer of Harvard Investment Co. ($100) and Jennifer Wisnom, owner of Wisnom’s Hardware store ($2,000). She is also the only candidate to have taken out a campaign loan, declaring $50,000 in loans prior to this filing period.

Booker raised $1,010 last month and $9,252 in total. He received contributions from an organizer from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 569 and another from an electrician from IBEW Local 617 ($400), the largest contribution highest reported for his campaign this month.

Palmer-Lohan said he spent the most this month, $92,525, with a total of $161,210 spent this calendar year. Its largest sums went to Long Beach-based Political Data Intelligence ($5,182) and Smart Call Media ($9,735).

Mueller’s expenses are nearly half of Palmer-Lohan’s at $55,450 per month, but are close to overall expenses at $141,171. Its highest payouts went to Hayward-based SDA Creative ($1,961) and LT Strategies ($40,830), with an additional $6,000 to Silicon Valley Latino.

Chang-Kiraly said he spent $37,447 this period and $61,391 in total this year, with most going to Storefront Political Media Inc. of San Francisco ($13,064) and Serafina Casey of Menlo Park for consulting services ( $1,487).

Booker had the lowest reported expenses this period at $4,670 and $31,218 in total. A large portion of these expenses went to San Francisco’s CleanSweep Campaigns, Inc. for literature and travel ($3,800).

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