San Diego residents lose parking for bike lanes on Azuaga Street


CBS 8 has been working for you since the appearance of bike paths on Azuaga Street. Some say the lanes are necessary, others complain that the lanes have taken away parking.

SAN DIEGO – More bike lanes installed across the city are getting many mixed reviews. CBS 8 has been working for you since bike lanes first appeared on Azuaga Street in Rancho Peñasquitos.

Some say the bike lanes are necessary for safety, while others complain that the new dedicated bike lane has taken their parking away.

We originally went out to Azuaga Street earlier in April after one of our viewers emailed us saying there were issues with the bike lanes.

Once we arrived we saw ourselves between the incoming bike paths and the lack of parking, a bigger problem was brewing in this community. Now the cycle path project is complete but it is getting mixed reviews.

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A biker CBS 8 spoke to said, “When I first started riding it, there were no cones in place, so the cones make it a lot safer. I think this bike path is awesome. I know this bike path in Mira Mesa, I mean, I’m a cyclist so I love bike paths everywhere, but this bike path in Mira Mesa, I can understand the frustration that comes with it.

Meanwhile, Jennifer who lives in the area said: ‘They took away dozens of parking spaces. They forced all these cars up the hill here where it’s pitch dark. I don’t feel safe parking on this side of the hill. There are no streetlights.

Jennifer says they not only need more parking spaces, but also for the city to communicate better and listen to what the people who live here have to say. “I understand there was a county-wide initiative to install these bike lanes. However, the failure to communicate, the failure to give us advance notice, and the failure to research our answers and what the impact will be on our community are where they really got it wrong.

Jim McCorkle is the president of the Cantabria Homeowners Association. He hopes there can be some sort of compromise. “The parking problem is at night. People go to work here during the day. Bikers here are Saturday and Sunday daytime. I guess a compromise is to let them parallel park at night with a cycle lane during the day? McCorkle said.

We have reached out to the City of San Diego for comment on this story. They sent us this statement that says,

“The Azuaga Street Bike Lanes are part of the City Council-approved Bicycle Master Plan and connect two segments of the ever-popular SR-56 Bike Lane. Azuaga Street was recently resurfaced for the first time in 13 years, providing the opportunity to install this planned protected bike path to significantly increase the safety of cyclists using the SR-56 route. Parking for residents remains on the south side of Azuaga Street, where there are lights and sidewalks, as well as on surrounding streets.

The City has scheduled a Zoom meeting with residents of this neighborhood on Tuesday morning to listen to their feedback. The San Diego Bike Lane Master Plan was approved in 2013.

If you want to check out the bike path master plan to see if bike paths might be coming to your neighborhood, click here.


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