Savings tips for toddler family


As the family grows, life changes in many ways, and not least the financial situation. If you want to take control of the family finances and get more money over for fun activities, you have found just the right. Here we have gathered concrete and effective savings tips for the toddler family.

Get control of the economy


Maybe it goes without saying, but it’s difficult to get control of your finances if you don’t know what the money is for. Start by making a budget to determine what you can afford.

Then write down your family’s expenses for a month and you will get a better overview of your financial situation. What expenses are necessary and which are not?

Avoid food traps

Avoid food traps

Some planning is required to cut down on the family’s food costs. Determine next week’s meals and shop weekly instead of making occasional spontaneous purchases. Go for a more vegetarian diet and avoid semi-finished products – it will be both more useful and cheaper. Always bring snacks when you go to the playground or go on an excursion. When the children’s (or parents’) energy level drops, included sandwiches or fruit are significantly cheaper than emergency purchases from a kiosk.

housing costs


See if you can lower the operating costs of the home. Also review your electricity, TV, internet and telephone subscriptions and find out what other suppliers offer. At best, you can save hundreds of dollars each month just by switching suppliers.

Buy used

Today, there is a large market online for used children’s clothing and toys. Take advantage of it! For example, at and you can sell and buy everything from sports equipment to strollers. Also, remember to store the big-sashes’ clothes when they have grown out of them. The little siblings will certainly fit just as well in the garments.


Are you thinking about getting child insurance for your child? Before you do that – examine what you actually get for the insurance and figure out how much the premium costs during the entire child’s upbringing. In many cases, home insurance covers all family members and child insurance may therefore be superfluous.

Make money from what you have

An easy way to make extra money is to rent out the home or country place when you yourself are not there. Also, look through the basement store and see if you have any possessions that are no longer useful. As mentioned above, the secondary market is large and it is easy to sell what you do not use. If it seems cumbersome, services such as can be helpful. They handle the sales for you.



Car is a good tool for the family of children, but gasoline costs. Arrange shooting shots for children’s activities to save both time and money. It is usually appreciated among other parents and you get the opportunity to get to know your children’s friends. Take a bus, bike or walk when you have the opportunity. In addition to cutting down on transport costs, the child will feel more secure when they will be able to move themselves in the future.

Sure, your sweetheart should be celebrated properly as they turn years, but remember that a successful party doesn’t have to be very expensive. Organize sausage and bread barbecues or a simple organized football tournament. Playing outdoors often contributes to a tired and happy birthday child when the evening comes.


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