Senior residents of SNMMCH Dhanbad to stop emergency services from Nov 10



Dhanbad, November 5: Senior residents of Shahid Nirmal Mahto Medical College Hospital (SNMMCH) Dhanbad continued the boycott of OPD and domestic services even on November 4e day today and announced that they will cease their emergency service from November 10 in view of the payment of their pending fees.

Agitated doctors were due to boycott the emergency department from today but postponed as superintendent Dr AK Baranwal had traveled to Ranchi to attend the monthly health department meeting. As the superintendent returned unassigned from Ranchi, furious senior residents announced an emergency services boycott with OPD and Indoor starting Nov. 10.

“We will wait for payment of our fees until November 9. From the next day, we will start a boycott of our emergency department,” said Dr. Abhishek Kumar, one of the hospital’s senior residents.

Senior residents of SNMMCH began an indefinite feather strike (boycott of OPDs and internal services) on November 2 for the payment of their fees, which has been pending for three months.

Elderly residents hoped the superintendent would get the allotment cleared at his Ranchi meeting on Friday. But when he returned today empty-handed, they said they were stepping up the unrest.

A senior professor in the medical school said that in the annals of 60 years of Patliputra Medical College Hospital (now SNMMCH), no doctor in any section had to go on strike even for four days for the payment of His salary. Whenever such a situation has arisen in the past, either the state headquarters has sent the assignment or the hospital authorities have handled the crisis by talking with the doctors. But now the elderly residents have been left alone to struggle.

A senior hospital official said the awarding process is taking time but will come soon.


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