Seven Bridges HOA sues homeowner over unauthorized swimming pool


The owner continues to install the pool without permission, will not stop the excavation.

Seven Bridges is suing the owner of 16337 Corvino Court. They install a swimming pool without authorization. Despite the arrest orders, the searches are continuing according to a lawsuit.


DELRAY BEACH, FL ( (Copyright © 2021 MetroDesk Media, LLC) – Lawyers for the Seven Bridges Homeowners Association continue to be busy on both sides of state and federal courts. In the latest lawsuit involving the besieged community of West Delray Beach, attorneys are acting as lawyers for the plaintiff – suing a landlord who allegedly installed a swimming pool without getting permission.

According to public documents, the “Patrick Borcea Revocable Living Trust” purchased 16337 Corvino Court at Seven Bridges for $ 1,085,994 in January 2018. It did not include a swimming pool. So, like many homeowners, Alina Borcea apparently decided to install one. But, instead of following the rules in place in almost every community in South Florida with a homeowners association, Borcea is accused of starting the excavation and installation without permission. Traditional HOA demand plans that confirm neighboring homes will not be affected, and escrow of several thousand dollars to protect the HOA in the event of a problem.

According to the court record, the Seven Bridges HOA told Borcea to stop. Several times. But she and the “living trust” didn’t. Borcea also failed to attend mediation and refused to stop construction.

Palm Beach County told that the buildable pool is valued at $ 58,500, includes a spa and cobblestone patio, and received an initial permit on September 14, 2020. The registered builder is “Conquer Builders” From Pembroke Pines.

Extract from the lawsuit: “Not only did the OWNER fail and / or refuse to participate in the mandatory pre-mediation as required by section 720.311, Florida Statutes, but the OWNERS continued to violate the covenants and obligations. aforementioned rules and regulations by failing and / or refusing to comply with the requests of the ASSOCIATION to cease and desist from digging their property, and subsequently to install a swimming pool.

The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction against the owner, costs and other penalties “as the court deems appropriate.”

While the attorneys act as the plaintiff’s attorneys in one case, they continue as defense attorneys in another. Seven Bridges continues to be prosecuted for allegedly discriminating against a Christian landlord who claims the former board chose her and punished her for what the board called improper conduct. A Jewish owner who also engaged in inappropriate behavior was not punished. This Jewish landlord called the Christian landlord and told him to “move to a Klan community” in a recorded phone call. This case continues in the United States District Court where a judge and magistrate refused to dismiss the discriminatory allegations. The owner is asking for $ 7 million – or $ 1 million for each of the seven bridges in seven bridges. The owner says the money will go to charity if Seven Bridges is forced to pay.

Read the pool trial, below. Read all of the Seven Bridges drama here.


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