South End residents want the deafening noise coming from the pipe silenced


They filed a complaint but continue to face a piercing noise that can be heard inside and outside their homes.

CHARLOTTE, NC — Residents of Charlotte’s South End neighborhood are frustrated and annoyed by a constant, loud, high-pitched sound coming from one of their neighbors and they want something done about it.

It’s no secret that the South End can be a noisy area to live in.

Courtney Benjamin knew this when she moved into a townhouse along Doggett Street.

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However, she did not expect a long-lasting piercing sound to invade her home on a daily basis, she said.

“It’s a very high-pitched buzz that resonates,” she explained.

The noise is coming from a pipe which she says was installed outside the Falcon Flats construction in October 2021.

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“We’ve been dealing with this for five months asking for help,” said Lauren O’Brien, a neighbor who lives in the same townhouse development.

The black pipe hugs the building, reaching about three stories high. Its exit is between the building and a parking lot. O’Brien and Benjamin think his placement only amplifies the sound.

We don’t know what the pipe is for. WCNC Charlotte asked the management of Hawk Apartments but they did not answer this question.

“It’s working 24/7 and our neighbors on the Hawk don’t seem as concerned about the problem as we are,” O’Brien said.

If you enter their houses, you can hear the noise on all floors, at all times of the day and night.

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“It’s very frustrating to have this background noise when you just want to have some peace and quiet,” Benjamin said.

They both tried using sound machines just to try to sleep at night, but they weren’t successful.

“Nothing drowns it out because it’s this high-pitched piercing sound,” O’Brien said.

They even moved their master bedrooms to the other side of their homes to try and get some peace and quiet.

Benjamin and others have filed complaints with the city and the police for what they believe is a violation of the city’s noise ordinance. They have contacted their homeowners association, but will not budge on the matter, they said. Nothing was done to fix the sound, the neighbors added.

WCNC Charlotte has asked Hawk Apartments management for an on-camera interview.

Instead, a spokesperson said: ‘Although we have tested the noise level from the pipe and found it to be below local ordinance levels, we are investing in mitigation measures to further reduce the level. noise.”

We asked how they planned to silence the pipe and when they would, but got no response on Friday night.

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O’Brien is considering selling her house and moving out because of the noise, she said. She and Benjamin hope it doesn’t have to come to this and just want the noise to be silenced soon.

“You know, be a good neighbor, put yourself in our shoes where we just want to go to sleep at the end of the day,” Benjamin said. “We want to have some peace and quiet and not have that deafening 24/7 noise coming across the street.”

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